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Humor To Share

January 31, 2005

Since I am too busy to go hunt up some humor on my own, I will refer you all to my pal Tony, the Red Mind in a Blue State, where he passes along some valuable insights about cows and the Constitution.



January 31, 2005

Our very own Ith is guest-blogging over at Baldilocks‘ place this week. Git on over and say hey howdy to her! CrankyBeach hath spoken.

Who Did They Think They Were Kidding?

January 31, 2005

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve all seen the footage on TV of the Iraqi official demonstrating the difference between the ballot for the current election, and the ballot from Saddam’s day. The Saddam ballot had simply his name, with a place to mark “yes” or “no.”

Back in the dark ages, in high school history class, we were shown pictures of “elections” in the Soviet Union, where the pre-marked ballot went from the election worker to the voter to the ballot box, with no stops in between. There was a voting booth set up nearby, but the presumption was that if you dared to go in there, you were going to cross out the name of the single candidate and write in another. And, presumably, when you got home, you would find the hairy knuckle-draggers waiting to “discuss” matters with you.

What’s up with these despots? Did they really think they were fooling anybody with their sham elections? Saddam used to brag about getting somewhere around, oh, 100 percent of the vote. Well, duh. Everybody knew he was the only candidate on the ballot, and the unpleasant (to put it mildly) consequences awaiting anyone who dared to vote differently.

Seems to me, propaganda only works if it has some actual plausibility behind it….

Oh, Dear…

January 31, 2005

… How can love possibly last after something like this happens?

An Excellent Point

January 30, 2005

VARepublicanMan over at Flaming Duck makes me proud–and glad–to be an American when he talks about parties out of power:

Question: When your party is out of power, what will you do to get it back?

Answer: There are two things really.

First, you could impugn the integrity and intelligence of a perfectly qualified candidate for Secretary of State, like Barbara Boxer did with Condeleezza Rice. And you could compare anything remotely connected to the party in power like Fox News was compared to that despicable madman, Hitler. And you could even imply that the Republicans want kids to be without healthcare as John Kerry did in the Boston Globe article.


You could bomb police stations and polling places. And you could take hostages and behead them while making inane demands. And you could target civilians in Spain to make a political point.

Go read the whole thing. And thank heaven for OUR way!

(Hat tip: Harvey at Bad Example)

A Great Day!

January 30, 2005

A great big CrankyBeach salute to the people of Iraq, who voted today, in possibly greater numbers (percentage-wise) than have been seen in any national election in United States history. Will anyone dare say now that people in that region can’t grasp democracy? I’m waiting….

And a great big CrankyBeach raspberry to all those nattering nay-sayers who said it couldn’t be done!

And a great big “shame on you” to all those ungrateful whiners in our country who didn’t want to stand in line to vote on November 2. At least nobody was threatening to blow YOU up if you dared go exercise your right.

And another even bigger “shame on you” to all those who live here and DON’T bother to vote. Take a look at those brave Iraqis, and then hide your face in shame. And don’t EVER let me hear you complaining about what goes on in this country! You have no right. CrankyBeach hath spoken.

Yet Another

January 29, 2005

New blog on the block, that is. Go check out the folks over at GOPInsight.

And check out the billboards Citizens United bought in Hollywood for the month of February:

(Hat tip: The fine folks at


January 27, 2005

Here’s a story to warm the heart-cockles of all us old band geeks.

A local high school band will be able to take its trip to China after all. The trip was in danger of being canceled because the local travel agent absconded with their money, but a local bank came through with a $100,000 no-interest loan. The defrauded band members are requested to apply to a state fund that helps people who lose money to fraudulent businesses.

And who said big businesses were heartless?

New Blog On The Block

January 26, 2005

The Club for Growth has started a new blog, Social Security Choice, in an effort to “promote ‘The Ownership Society’ by advocating personal accounts for Social Security.”

Go check it out. I am blogrolling it and would encourage others to do the same. CrankyBeach hath spoken.

I Don’t Want To Know

January 25, 2005

The lizards were having, um, intestinal distress, so Jennifer found a lizard vet who advised her to get, um, fresh samples for testing. Usually, when she puts them in warm water, they will produce, um, samples, but this time they did not, so she took them to the vet, where they underwent indignities I do not even want to imagine. Turns out they have hookworms, probably acquired from the pet store where she originally got them, many months ago.

Now she has to do extreme cleansing and sanitizing of their terrariums.

Ah, the joys of being a lizard mommy.