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And It Gets Worse

May 31, 2005

Remember the prescription fiasco?

After multiple hours spent on the telephone (and the last two calls were with supervisors), things were allegedly straightened out. But …

… two of the mother’s prescriptions went to the daughter’s college address, and three more were . . .

. . . are you ready for this . . .

canceled. For no apparent reason.

These are medications that MUST be taken daily, with no gaps.

And to add insult to injury, they have charged her credit card for the medications they canceled.

Un. Freaking. Believable.

Update: Via the latest telephone call to the mail-order pharmacy, it seems that the bean-counters (who have never even seen the patient) are second-guessing the doctor who wrote the prescriptions, who does see and treat the patient. (And mailed in the prescriptions written on tamper-proof prescription pads, to boot.) They are demanding medical information on why the doctor has chosen to treat his patient the best way he knows how. And that is why they canceled the prescriptions.

How dare they.


And Another Link

May 31, 2005

Again from the folks over at Llama Butchers… a rather silly way to amuse yourself.

Paste some song lyrics into Babelfish, then translate it from English to French.

Copy the French, re-paste, and translate from French to German.

Copy the German, re-paste, and translate from German back to English.

This one’s pretty obvious, but good heavens, what a mess. So much for computers replacing humans anytime soon, eh? (And the Star Trek “universal translator” is a loooong way away, from the look of things.)

(See the extended entry for the results.)


A Link…

May 31, 2005

… for a good cause. Via Ith, a shameless request for links.

Okay. 🙂


May 30, 2005

One of the best things about where I live: At 10 o’clock every night, if I happen to be in the bathroom with the window open, I can hear Taps.

I haven’t tried to calculate how far away it is, as the crow flies… but it has to be carrying for at least a couple of miles.

A few years back, the neighbors closer to the base were complaining about the amplified nightly Taps.

Funny thing, though… on September 11, 2001 the griping stopped. We haven’t heard a peep since.

The Ringing Phone

May 30, 2005

I dread the phone ringing. Usually, it’s somebody who wants something.

This time it was a very pleasant exception. Ith and Nin* just invited me over for dinner and movies.


*Two of the few, the proud, the brave folk who actually know CrankyBeach’s true identity.

An Endangered Species

May 30, 2005

I had an opportunity yesterday to observe a rare and endangered species.

No, it was not a wildflower. It was a polite, well-mannered adolescent. Two of them, in fact.

I’m not a parent, but I know from my own experience of adolescence how difficult it is to civilize children, little heathens that they are. My parents tried and tried, and still I had to be reminded to say “please” and “thank you.”

Yesterday a small group of us went ice skating. One member of the party was a man I will call DD, for Divorced Dad. The two adolescents were his daughter and a friend.

I had met Daughter a couple of other times on skating excursions, but in no way can I say I know her. Friend I had never met before.

When I first bumped into the two of them on the ice, Daughter introduced me quite properly to Friend, who said “Nice to meet you.”

Lest I give the wrong impression, these two girls are not mutants. They are typical little gigglers, skating hell-for-leather around on the ice and staring soulfully at the boys.

After skating we all went to dinner. The two girls politely asked DD if it was okay for them to split an entree. When the waiter took our drink orders, Friend asked if they had cherry Coke, and when he said yes, she said “I’d like that, please.” And at least twice she thanked DD for taking her skating and to dinner. Daughter was equally polite, thanking her father. And no, he didn’t prompt them!

We left the restaurant to go home in our various separate cars. I said goodbye to the girls, and Friend once more said, “It was nice to meet you.”

Will wonders never cease? Despite what we see on the news every day, some parents are actually raising their children to be polite and well-mannered! Kudos to them.

And After All That…

May 27, 2005

… all of my co-worker’s prescriptions have been mailed to her daughter who is away at college, and her daughter’s prescriptions have been mailed to the home address.

Which is exactly backwards.


Want To Try Blogging?

May 27, 2005

Now’s your chance!

Ith has taken a huge chance and thrown open the doors to her blog for guest posters.

She’s calling it “Star Wars Friday” and the guest logins are all Star Wars-related. If you want to play, hop on over and follow her directions. Your post doesn’t have to be about Star Wars.

(Some of you may not know that Ith is my blog-mom. She is directly to blame for getting me into this racket.)

Just Because He Asked

May 27, 2005

Rusty over at The Jawa Report wants trackbacks.

Okay. 🙂

Shameless Plug

May 26, 2005

Meant to mention a few weeks back I had Googled (and found) the fourth member of our 8th grade lunch cabal. I hadn’t seen her or talked to her since she left town and moved away somewhere in our high school years.

And now she has a book out! Yes, yet another old pal is a famous author. Check it out and order it here. I just did.