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And I’m Proud To Be An American, Where At Least I Know I’m Free

August 31, 2005
You Passed the US Citizenship Test

Congratulations – you got 10 out of 10 correct!
Could You Pass the US Citizenship Test?

Hat tip: Aaron


Recommended Reading

August 31, 2005

I don’t have time to do anything resembling a full round-up, but I would like to point out one excellent post.

Our very own Brian Maloney takes a break from his usual topic (radio) and compares the left’s reaction to the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake to today’s lefties blaming President Bush for Hurricane Katrina. It’s quite interesting. Go see what he has to say.

That Explains It

August 30, 2005

Well, somewhat… but it doesn’t explain why they never shipped out the order I placed clear back on August 12.

Who are they? Oh, a coffee-roasting outfit whose product I found (once) in a local store, and then went hunting online to order more. They have a website, and I placed an order, which they acknowledged by e-mail 2 1/2 weeks ago. And then . . . nothing.

Now I doubt they will EVER fill my order, because they’re under water. And so, I am sure, is the coffee I wanted.

Yep. Right next to the New Orleans International Airport.

At least they didn’t charge my credit card before they drowned. I would not have enjoyed having to dispute that charge with the credit card company. I’d much rather have the coffee.

See? Even people thousands of miles away are affected by the hurricane!

But seriously… to all the folks devastated by this latest disaster, our prayers are with you, and our donations are on the way.

Score Another One For The Caffeine-Addicted

August 30, 2005

From the Associated Press, via Wired News (appropriate source, no?), a newly-released study indicates that “coffee . . . provides more healthful antioxidants than any other food or beverage in the American diet.”

The story also mentions studies showing decreased risks of liver cancer and diabetes in coffee drinkers.

Of course, the food experts naysayers are urging caution and moderation in all things.

Party poopers.

Time to go pour another cup of liquid antioxidants, methinks.


August 26, 2005

Don’t know why this came to mind, but I was just remembering the time I reamed the band director a new one, and didn’t get in trouble for it.

It was at least 10 years ago. John the band director also taught at the next community college up the road, and it was time for their annual faculty recital. He didn’t want to play a solo, so he roped in three of us to play a flute quartet with him.

At our second or third rehearsal, I was mighty sick and tired of his poor-mouthing his own playing, and I had finally had enough. So I launched. It went something like this:

“I’ve had it with you. Every time we hear all this ‘oh, I’m so out of practice,’ ‘oh, I’m going to sound so bad,’ ‘the first one who laughs is going to flunk this class,’ and then you put up your flute and play a note and you sound better than I have EVER sounded in my LIFE, and I really don’t want to hear anymore about it, so cut it OUT.”

The whole time I was talking his eyes were getting bigger and bigger, and when I finally wound down, all he said was, “Yes, ma’am.”

And I never heard another word on the subject.

It’s Benign

August 25, 2005

That thing the dermatologist took off my hand last week, that is.

She said when she sees a mole on the palm, it just kinda makes her hair stand on end, so better to be safe than sorry. (This one was completely flat and looked more like a freckle to me. Oh well.)

But in light of recent events, I wonder if I should be contemplating legal action. After all, any future palm readings might be thrown off by the new scar….

Naw. Just kidding. I don’t believe in palm reading.

My Kind Of Coffee Drinker!

August 25, 2005

A couple of days ago I met up with “Little Sis” for coffee at Starbuck’s. We had a marvelous long conversation, and adjourned to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen when we got hungry.

At one point she said something about needing coffee to even be able to make the coffee in the morning.


Happy 100th Birthday, Mrs. P.

August 25, 2005

I’m told it was a great bash. Children, grandchildren and greats all gathered, along with about 60 years’ worth of friends and fellow church members. One couple even flew in from Washington.

Too bad the guest of honor had to be hospitalized the night before the party.

Apparently it was nothing terribly serious. She got wobbly and fell down, and once she was in the hospital, they discovered she was very anemic.

One of her descendants videotaped everything at the party, including greetings from as many of the party guests as could be persuaded to speak on camera. So at least she’ll get to see what she missed.

So here’s to you, Mrs. P. Hope you’re back home, feisty and kicking as always, very soon!


August 24, 2005

… but entertaining as all-get-out nonetheless. I will freely admit to having thoroughly enjoyed it, and intend to watch the rest of the episodes.

Last night I finally got in front of a TV at the same time as “Tommy Lee Goes To College.”

Now I barely know who Tommy Lee is, and I’ve never listened to Motley Crue in my life, but I did go back to college in my middle years, so I can relate in a small way to the experience. (I didn’t try to take chemistry or physics, though, and my university didn’t have a marching band or a football team, so I didn’t get to put on the goofy uniform. Dang.)

Some fun moments: The lady behind the desk in the chancellor’s office thought he was quite handsome. I think he’s mildly cute, but geez, what’s with all those tattoos??? Then there was the chancellor, who said he had listened to a Motley Crue CD and then diplomatically said it must be an acquired taste. And it was fun seeing him get his pinkytoe kicked by the women’s volleyball and swim teams.

So if anybody’s looking for me next Tuesday night… I’ll be in front of the TV.

Lousy Businessman, And A Dork Too

August 24, 2005

The guy who left his building vacant for a whole year rather than rent it to us has pulled off another wonderful event.

When a co-worker came in today, somebody was parked in her space. Turns out it was the new tenant, who upon being told of his incursion, said the landlord had given him two spaces in the gated lot but never bothered to tell him they were assigned, numbered spaces, so he assumed he could park in any empty spot.

And now the story is developing that perhaps the landlord also gave away a couple more of our assigned (and rented) spaces without telling us about it, because another employee who was parked in her regular spot got a nasty-gram note on her windshield telling her she was trespassing.