12 Days Late, Many Dollars Short

A Yahoo! news headline:

State of Emergency Declared in France

PARIS – President Jacques Chirac declared a state of emergency Tuesday, paving the way for curfews to be imposed on riot-hit cities and towns in an extraordinary measure to halt France’s worst civil unrest in decades after 12 nights of violence. Police, meanwhile, said overnight unrest Monday-Tuesday, while still widespread and destructive, was not as violent as previous nights.

Feel free to jump in and tear this apart. I have work to do.


3 Responses to “12 Days Late, Many Dollars Short”

  1. Bum Says:

    Beach…glad you’re blogging again. (*GARSH*)

    I put in Fitznews to tell the French President that our Marines are busy right now, the French are on their own.

  2. J.Doe Says:

    I agree with the title. 12 days too late.

  3. Susan Averre Says:

    Hi, I saw you on the alphasmart community site. Wondering: are you still using and happy with your alphasmart?
    Do you have any thoughts on the relative merits of either?
    I am trying to decide which I want. I am torn here. Is the connectivity of the wireless good enough to sacrifice the battery power of the neo?

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