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It’s Worse

April 28, 2006

Remember His Nadlessness, that lousy no-good lying, two-timing filbert-less chicken-snot for whom I was “the other woman?”

When I confronted him, he said that when he and I were dating, he and his girlfriend were “only friends” and didn’t decide to take their relationship “to the next level” until much more recently, so he was not two-timing her, and had never meant to mislead me. Yeah. Right.

I found today from an independent source that he and she have been “together” for at least five years. His pursuit of me was much more recent than that.

And now I’m back to the dilemma of thinking that she really ought to know he has cheated on her with least one other woman, so she has all the necessary information to decide whether she wants to stick with him or kick his lying assets to the curb. But how does one go about dropping such a piece of information without appearing vindictive? And if she’s already aware of his wandering ways and chooses to look the other way, that’s her business. If it were me, would I want to know? Yes, I would. So do I find a way to send her an anonymous e-mail, or something?

If anybody out there knows His Nadlessness’s girlfriend, tell her she should ask the man in her life about the blogger who photographs wildflowers. And tell her to be prepared for him to lie about it.

And he sure must believe in living dangerously, because he pursued me in public, and in front of at least some of his personal friends. Hell, maybe she does know already and doesn’t care, or he has found a way to convince her that he didn’t do anything wrong. Who knows?

For those interested in the soap opera… below the fold are excerpts of the e-mail that he never answered, in which I told him exactly what he did to mislead me.



Old Friends

April 28, 2006

Some of you know… a dear old friend V. who moved away from here 8 years ago is back in town for a brief visit. She’s crashing on my couch for the duration, and has been making the rounds seeing a lot of her old friends.

Last night we went together to a venue where we had both participated for many years, way back when. Watching the folks there welcome her back was very heart-warming. I only hope that if I ever go away and come back, I will get even half the welcome she did!

She showed around some pictures of her children. Last time anybody here saw her daughter, the girl was only 6. Now she’s 14, and gorgeous. A male friend who is always very circumspect in his demeanor and behavior took a look at her photo, did a double take and said “Hubba hubba!” V. quickly reminded him that the girl is, after all, jailbait….

We are having just a marvelous fun visit, and I will miss her very much when she goes back home. One of these years I need to get out to the midwest and visit her and the family….

Nailed It!

April 23, 2006

I slogged 8 miles through a blinding snowstorm, barefoot, uphill both coming and going (and if you believe that, see me about some swamp land) and got a mostly-in-focus picture of the newly-discovered flower at Fort Ord, Meconella denticulata.
<img src=";

It’s not a newly discovered species, but until about 4 weeks ago had never been found at Fort Ord.

And I have NO idea how someone managed to spot it, because it’s TINY. The entire flower is smaller than a pencil eraser; not much bigger than a pinhead. I shot it on manual focus, through a magnifying glass. How did I spot it? Never would have, if Bruce the botanist hadn’t pointed it out on last weekend’s field trip. I went back today on foot (about 4 miles each direction) and found it again.

I nailed a few other goodies on the hike, none of which were new to me, but these are new photos as of today:

<img src=";

<img src=";

<img src=";

<img src=";

<img src=";

<img src=";

In order, they are unidentified, narrow-leaved meconella, goldfields, butter and eggs, another unidentified, wooly Indian paintbrush, and wild carnation, also shot through a magnifying glass.

Yes, my feet are killing me. Thank you for asking.

Stop The Presses!

April 21, 2006

The latest news headline:

Emotional Wiring Different in Men and Women

They needed a study for that??

In The Footsteps Of Pigs

April 16, 2006

Went for a wildflower field trip yesterday at Fort Ord, the closed army base. Because it was a guided excursion, we got to go into areas (a) normally closed to the public and (b) miles and miles from where the public can park, so it would make for a horrendously long hike.

Bruce the BLM botanist led the trip, and showed us some fire-following flowers in the recently burned areas. A real rare opportunity to see these beauties:

<img src=";

<img src=";

Believe it or not, those two are the same species, Brewer’s red maid.

We also got to see the fire poppy:
<img src=";

In the course of our travels we were also introduced to a brand-new species (newly discovered, I should say) of itty-bitty little white poppy called Meconella denticulata. Unfortunately, the auto-focus on my digital camera focused on everything BUT the tiny little white flower. If it’s not raining next weekend I may try and get back out there to find it again.

There’s a great deal of feral pig damage in the back country. In places they made paths we could easily follow. Bruce said there are no current plans to do anything about the pigs, but they have “designs” on them. Someone suggested they should be on the menu at the picnic next month.

We met up with a Peruvian shepherd (one of two brothers) who tend sheep that graze the grasslands. Bruce talked a lot about how it’s a trade-off between letting the sheep graze versus letting the grasslands go back to their “natural” state, in which case the coyote bush would take over and there would be less space for the native grasses. So for the moment, there are sheep.

We also met up with a couple of Ohlone Indian women who gather sedges for basket-making. They met at a museum event just a couple of months ago–and found out they are related. One is teaching the other the traditional crafts.

At one of the vernal pools, I caught a little tree frog and showed him around. If he hadn’t moved when I walked by, I never even would have seen him and thus subjected him to the frightening indignity of being caught and shown off. (And he would not have returned the favor by dumping his load all over my hand.) I let him go, of course, but he was so incredibly cute I wanted to take him home!

All in all, a fun and fascinating trip. I can’t wait for the next one.

The Species Would Die Out

April 14, 2006

If this were the last man on the planet, that is.

Picture this. An elderly lady is brought to the doctor’s office by her full time caregiver. The caregiver is accompanied by her adult son (who clearly has time on his hands in the middle of the day, which does not bode well for his ability to support himself.)

Caregiver’s son sits down in a waiting room full of patients, takes off his shoes and socks, clips his toenails, and leaves the clippings in a pile on the floor.

Receptionist comes out and orders him to clean up his mess. His response? “I’m bad.” And he walks out the door, leaving the receptionist to deal with a duty that is most definitely not in her job description.

Ladies… I expect he’s single, if you’re that desperate.

Contest, Shmontest

April 11, 2006

I have entered only two writing contests in my life. In the first one (a few years back) one of the judges said my grammar needed work. Excuse me? I can only speculate what she was smoking, because I will bet my grammar and punctuation skills against anybody else’s any day of the week. Name the time and the place. I may not be able to explain to you WHY a sentence is wrong (it’s been a lot of years since I diagrammed one) but I can rework it so it’s structured correctly. The retired English teacher/editor who is helping me with my current manuscript will back me up on this. (Right, Caro?)

The second contest is still underway. I polished up the first 10 pages of my NaNoWriMo manuscript and submitted it to a contest for unpublished authors. Preliminary results are out. I did not make the finals.

On reflection, I have several gripes about this contest, and I don’t think it’s just sour grapes. I’d be interested in others’ thoughts.

First… the guidelines said to send in four copies. Only two judges scored my entry. One gave me quite high marks; the other… well. More about that later. It seems it would be only fair to give an entry with one high and one low score at least a third judge to see which way it would go.

The judge (Good Judge) who gave me high marks is a published author in my genre. The other (Bad Judge) is not published in my genre. Hmm. Could it be she just does not get it?

Our first view of the hero has him getting lost on the way to meet the heroine–and later saying he had no trouble finding the place. Good Judge liked that. Bad Judge found his lie “not very heroic.” Perhaps not… but it’s real. How many guys do YOU know who (a) ask for directions and (b) admit to being lost? If she had dinged me for using a cliche or stereotype, I might have understood her complaint.

Our first view of the heroine has her stopping at a coffee shop for a triple-shot latte, and in the first 10 pages I establish that both the hero and heroine have rampaging coffee addictions. As the title of my blog suggests, coffee is a subject near and dear to my heart. Imagine my dismay when, after the triple-shot latte, Bad Judge went through and crossed out every instance of “latte” and replaced it with “espresso.”

I haven’t been to the thesaurus to look, but “chutzpah” doesn’t even come close. Espresso and latte are not the same thing, and if she didn’t know that, it’s easy enough to look it up. That would be like going through and changing a character’s drink from “gin and tonic” to “gin.” Or “rum and coke” to just “rum.” I could go on and on… but you get the point.

Good Judge said I handled the point-of-view (POV) changes well. Bad Judge accused me of head-hopping and is obviously a one-POV-per-scene purist. She put my score for that aspect way down in the tank. (I could point to many, many New York Times bestselling authors who change POV within a scene all over the place and it works, but what would be the point?)

Bad Judge also claimed she could not tell who was speaking in this paragraph:

His faint smirk broadened into a real smile. “Is that a bad thing?”

Clear back in the fourth grade I was taught that if you want to change who is speaking, you start a new paragraph. If it’s the same paragraph, the same person is speaking.

Other than that, she did not ding me for grammar–but there were several grammar and punctuation errors in her notes. Also, she crossed the fourth period off of each end-of-sentence ellipsis. I was taught (back in the dark ages, I guess) that if you put an ellipsis in the middle of a sentence, you use three periods, with spaces before and after. If it comes at the end of a sentence, i.e. the character’s thought is trailing off, you use four periods, and the first one has no space in front of it. Examples:

She considered her options . . . and ordered a triple-shot latte.

The triple-shot latte sounded good, but she might need to sleep sometime in the next week. . . . She decided to make do with a double.

Those are not actual examples from the manuscript; I just made those up. (And for those who are paying attention, in this blog I run my three-period ellipses together because if I don’t, the software might put a line break in the middle. So there.) If Bad Judge with her own faulty grammar and punctuation had given me low scores in those categories, I think I would have sent in a formal protest. But then there’s always the danger of being labeled a whiner.

Good Judge liked the hero best. Bad Judge liked the plot best. Books in my genre are generally character-driven; plot is secondary. Remember, Good Judge is published in my genre, and Bad Judge is not.

Any thoughts from you folks?

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

April 10, 2006

The good folks over at Wizbang have posted a picture of a flyer from yesterday’s Dallas pro-illegal immigrant rally. The flyer is dominated by a graphic showing Mexico and Texas as one entity. The text urges all who want their voices heard to vote Democratic in 2006.

Um… don’t look now, but if Texas (or any other part of the United States) becomes part of Mexico, or some other “nation” (Aztlan, for instance), all the monetary and social goodies that make these pieces of land so attractive to the illegals will go away, and Texas will become just another province of a third world country. Oklahoma, anyone?

Cross-posted at Wizbang Bomb Squad

From Today’s Headlines:

April 4, 2006

America eyes two paths for illegal migrants

Can anyone guess what those two paths might be?

The floor is open for recommendations.

My own suggestion is below the fold.


Monday Morning Update

April 3, 2006

I’m still hacked off.

Saturday a very good friend and mentor asked me how I’m going to get through this. I said, by getting on with my life, doing what I usually do–and allowing myself to feel my anger, hurt and disappointment, because if I try to stuff it, it will only come back to bite me later.

Told the whole sordid story to Lil’ Sis over coffee yesterday. She suggested that I not introduce her to His Nadlessness (who still hasn’t answered my last e-mail salvo, the chicken-snot), because he would come back with some kneecaps missing.

Found out this morning (thank you, Google) that as of 2000, the girlfriend’s pay and benefit package was, well, let’s just say several percentage points above mine. Could this whole thing be as simple–and as crass–as that? I honestly don’t know.

Kerry has been here visiting for the last 2 weeks. Her mother was rushed to the hospital several days ago, back in Wisconsin, and I’ve had this recent scenario to deal with, so we’ve been grumpy together. What are best friends for? She goes home tomorrow, and will learn more about what’s wrong with her mother after a procedure that will be done tomorrow. It could be very serious, based on the symptoms. Prayers would be welcome.