It’s Her

Old friend and frequent commenter Bum wanted to know who V. is.

Actually… she’s this guy’s wife.

She’s gone off to join her friends for their overseas vacation tour as of today… but will be back here in 2 weeks for another 6-day stay before she goes home to the midwest. We have had just a marvelous time. The other day she asked me if it was “all right” if she made a big pot of her famous chicken and vegetable soup.

Let’s see… somebody offering to cook for me. Gee… I’ll have to think about that one… NOT! And as I write this, I am nuking a bowl for tonight’s dinner. It’ll clear my sinuses… she forgot my biggest soup pot is much smaller than hers, so she spiced it the way she would in her pot, with the result that it really packs a kick. But it’s delicious nonetheless. And the microwave just dinged… so I’m off to eat!


2 Responses to “It’s Her”

  1. Bum Says:

    On the Beach of Crankiness is where I am a bum…
    Nescio quid dicas!

    I read the replies by Marines and enjoyed them. The Latin they used was kind of silly, but interesting. (My daughter is taking Latin 3 in college and we enjoy reading together.)”Die dulci freure” is “have a nice day”. Some more of my friends are going bck to Iraq in a month…5 here, 7 there for the duration.

  2. Jeff D Says:

    The soup sounds wonderful!

    (Your e-mail is bouncing…. Grrr!)

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