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Is It Friday Again Already?

May 12, 2006

Lots of stuff going on in the Cranky corner of the world….

V. will be back on Tuesday or Wednesday. Guess I’d better think about buying the ingredients so she’ll make us another pot of her famous soup. 😉

Last weekend, several members of my local writing group went to a conference where there were lots of editors and agents lined up just waiting for us to pitch our work to them. I pitched six people altogether; four agents and two editors. Three agents and one editor said send them a synopsis and 50 pages or 3 chapters. So I’ve been frantically brainstorming with various people, mentors and other, about how to pull this thing together. One mentor suggested I should not brainstorm when I am brain-dead. Unfortunately, I am rarely in any other state these days….

One of our people must have done the world’s shortest pitch. (Rose, if you’re reading this and I heard it wrong third-hand, feel free to jump in on the comments and correct the record!) The way I heard it, she sat down with the editor and got out only two words–“Two assassins–” and the editor held up her hand, wrote “full manuscript” on the back of one of her business cards, and said “Send it to me!” As far as I know, just about everyone in our group got multiple invitations to submit. Depending on how long it takes for the editors and agents to get back to us, I expect that at some future meeting we will have a HUGE “kudos and woes” portion to get through. Reminder to self: Restock the chocolate supply for the inevitable woes.