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She Thought I Was Kidding…

December 25, 2006

… until she saw it for herself.

No, my mother had no idea her bushes contained a very dead mountain lion.

My grand-nieces told me there was a monster in the bushes.

When we went to look closer…




December 24, 2006

The annual temporary ice rink is back at the Fairgrounds, and it’s about 100 percent better than last year. The ice surface is about twice as big, and they have a real honest-to-gosh Zamboni instead of a guy with a shovel and a squeegee.

I went this morning, and for the first hour or so, I was the best skater on the ice.

Now that’s scary.


December 16, 2006

Stacy and Nick’s twins were born on December 8, one month early.

Since I don’t have their permission to show their faces… I have cropped one pic to show just the twins. That’s the boy with his eyes open. The girl had a little trouble breathing at first; that’s why she has the tube up her nose.

Parents and babies are doing fine. Congratulations, kids!

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December 15, 2006

At the BBB on Sunday Tim Minear announced that he was re-casting his new show “Drive,” hinting that he was looking for someone with “tighter pants.”

A couple of days ago Nathan Fillion mentioned that he has a new job in TV, no, he wasn’t going to say what it is, but it involves working with someone we all know and love.

This sent all of us on the boards into wild flights of speculation. And now we know.

Update: For those who don’t know Tim Minear, he was the co-producer of Firefly and wrote several episodes.

Edited to answer Jeff’s question: Drive is a show about an illegal cross-country road race. Tim showed us the first 7 minutes or so–but said they’re reshooting a lot of it because several roles are being recast, and he’s also rewriting parts of it.

It is supposed to air beginning in March or April.

Big Damn Nonvention

December 14, 2006

Since I can’t find the top of my desk, I haven’t had time to write up my weekend adventures at the Browncoats Backup Bash, thrown together at the last minute by some very shiny people. A most excellent time was had by all.

Others, however, have indeed written a lot about their experiences, and have posted to the brand-new board set up just for us backup bashers. The board was set up only yesterday, and already there are over 100 members and over 1000 postings! There are links to blogs and photo sites where people have posted their photos.

(Barb, if you’re reading this, you know not what you are missing. Get on over there and say howdy!)

And a big thank you to Celesta, aka Just Shiny, for snapping this and e-mailing it to me. 🙂

Yep… that’s the Hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne, his very self. In real life he’s just a big cuddly teddy bear… but don’t tell anybody!

(For you non-versed peeps, he’s Adam Baldwin. Not related to “those” Baldwins.)

Oh, and Jeff? Yes, I did do a Photoshop job on this one. I got the red-eye out of all three of us. So there. I haven’t tackled the red-eye in the Nathan photo yet.

Spoiled Rotten

December 12, 2006

Yes, I am. I freely admit it.

Somebody hit my bumper (again!) and today it went into the body shop. (The whole car, not just the bumper.)

Since my mother just had eye surgery and she can’t drive, instead of renting a car (and paying the damage waiver) I just borrowed hers. It’s a Geo Prizm just like the one I sold two years ago, except it’s dirt-colored and two years newer.

Ye gods, was my Geo ever THAT rattly and grumbly?

And I have to manually lock and unlock the doors, and roll down the window the old fashioned way. Not only that… the ignition keyhole does not light up automatically when I get into the car so I know where to put the key.

Oh, the humanity!

Yes, I Was There.

December 12, 2006

At the Big Damn Nonvention, the Non-Con, Flan B, BE Screwed, whatever else people came up with to call it.

And it was the best canceled convention I ever went to.

A HUGE thank you to some very big damn heroes, the California Browncoats, especially “Lexigeek” and all his fine crew of volunteers, who pulled a very large rabbit out of a nonexistent hat and pulled together an unbelievable Browncoat Backup Bash on no notice. A marvelous time was had by all. Several of the actors came over, on their own time and at their own expense, to hang out with the fans. And most amazing of all, people who did not even attend donated money to the backup bash.

There will be more later, as I regather my thoughts and my sleep, but here’s just a tiny taste of the happenings:

Ever Have One Of Those Days…

December 5, 2006

… when you are laughing at things that are not funny because you just do not give a flying doughnut anymore?

Just asking.