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She’s Back!

January 31, 2007

Ith’s blog is now unbroken and back in bidness.

Git on over there and say hey-howdy-we-missed-you to her. CrankyBeach hath spoken.

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Prayers, Please

January 25, 2007

One of my oldest and dearest friends has just been diagnosed with a very early stage cancer.

All of the ramifications and treatment options are not yet clear; there are further medical appointments coming up soon, and decisions will have to be made.

I am having lunch with this friend today, and we’ll talk more, I’m sure, in the vein of getting older and coming face to face with our own mortality. As my friend said… the warranty must have run out on the ol’ bod.

For What It’s Worth…

January 22, 2007
You know the Bible 100%!


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Hat tip: Sarahk

It’s Official

January 17, 2007

Drive, the new show produced by Tim Minear (who co-produced Firefly) and starring Nathan Fillion (excuse me while I pause for a hot flash) will begin airing Sunday, April 15, with a 2-hour premiere, followed by another episode in its regular time slot Monday, April 16, at 8 p.m. This means it has been given the lead-in time slot to 24.

Shiny. Very shiny.

That will give me time to learn how to work the brand-new DVR that showed up via UPS yesterday. The ol’ VCR just would not do for a show at this level of shininess.

Now all we can do is hope and pray that the network will not (a) air the episodes out of order, (b) pre-empt it every time we turn around, and (c) not cancel it when it can’t find its audience because it’s never on when it’s supposed to be. That, if you will recall, is exactly what happened to two of my favorite shows on Fox. A virtual cookie to whoever can guess what two shows I am talking about. Hint: They both involved space.

Oh, and my blog, unlike Ith’s, is not broken. ::knock on wood::

Ith’s Blog Is Broken

January 17, 2007

This is a test post to see if mine is broken or not as well….

::tapping microphone:: Hello? Are we here? Are we on?

That Explains It

January 14, 2007

Ever since I got the new desktop computer about a month ago, I wondered why the USB ports on the front of the case didn’t work.

Today I figured it out. They work a whole lot better if they’re actually hooked up to the motherboard.

Nice of the tech who built it to leave out that one little step, eh?

Something You Don’t See Every Day

January 10, 2007

Saw a news story online about a comet circling the sun right about now, and clicked on a link that leads to a spacecam pointed right at it.

Here are a few screen caps from the time-lapsed mini-movie. The bright spot below the occlusion disk that migrates from right to left must be the comet, near as I can figure. But the real reason I grabbed these screen caps is the other thing. I’m no astronomer—but could that be a solar flare, or whatever they call that sort of thing? Fascinating stuff.

I Got My Money Back

January 9, 2007

You know that canceled convention I went to last month? The one that turned into a very shiny backup bash where the stars showed up anyway, without being paid to show up?

Today my credit card company issued a full refund of the ticket price, in the form of a credit.

Now I can finally break down and enter the digital age. I’m going to buy a DVR so I can record every episode of Drive–which is scheduled to begin on March 1. The machine I’m getting does not require Tivo–it has its own built-in tuner and functions just like a VCR for recording. This will be best for me, since I’m too cheap to (a) get digital cable, so I have analog (and yes, this machine has an analog tuner) and (b) pay for Tivo. So there.

Geico the Gecko

January 9, 2007

Remember my niece Jennifer the lizard mommy?

Well… in addition to the bearded dragons, she has a crested gecko:

That’s my arm it’s sitting on, for those who insist on knowing such things.

You would not believe how soft its skin is. I just love those little padded toes. And the little pink tongue… sometimes the tongue comes out the side of its mouth and licks the eyeballs. Now that is an interesting sight to see. It also likes to jump. At one point it jumped right onto my face and left little gecko footprints on my glasses as it crawled up into my hair.