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Dump Bush

March 18, 2007

So say the protesters’ signs.

Have these people not read the U.S. Constitution?

Do they not realize that if they get rid of George W. Bush, which they are so desperate to do, they will end up with . . . (gasp) Dick Cheney in the White House? Isn’t he supposed to be even worse than Bush?

And then President Cheney would immediately appoint a new vice president, so if they then got rid of Cheney, that new veep would become president, and on and on.

Only if the president and vice president die at the exact same moment will the speaker of the house become president.

If the dump Bush crowd thinks they can impeach Bush, then impeach Cheney in short order, and then have Ms. Pelosi take office as president, they are dreaming. Or smoking something extra strong.