Legitimate Question

Frequent reader and commenter (and ex-boyfriend) Bum wants to know.

Why do I use the word “asshat” freely but then wimp out and say “pinkytoe” on other occasions?

Because pinkytoe-hat sounds silly?

Because “asshat” is such a great word and I wish I’d invented it? (I think the first person I heard use it was the great Rachel Lucas, who alas is no longer blogging.)

Because “pinkytoe” (which I borrowed from the lovely Sarahk) means the actual body part in question, and “asshat” is more of a reference to what one is wearing on one’s head, i.e. the location where one has one’s head wedged?

Because it’s my blog and until and unless Ith pulls the collective plug, I shall say whatever I say in whatever spirit moves me at any given moment?

Flip a coin and choose a reason. They’re all correct.


One Response to “Legitimate Question”

  1. Bum Says:

    I understand, you bet your sweet asshat. I merely had a (I thought intellectual) question about YOUR (wonderful) blog and how it is ‘policed’.
    BTW, it snowed here today. Dang that global warming.

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