So Why Bother Voting?

So much for the will of the people and the consent of the governed.

I didn’t vote in the latest local special election because I did not have the time or the energy to study the issues thoroughly to make an informed choice. The ballot measures all had to do with land use and development issues, and I can’t remember when I have seen and heard as much obfuscation on both sides of an issue. At one point I was tempted to vote against one measure based solely on the sign pollution of the side in favor.

The voters soundly defeated all four ballot measures, so that should be the end of it. Right? Wrong! Those Who Know BestTM are taking steps to thwart the will of the people.

. . . supporters said not so fast. They are plotting a comeback with lawsuits and creating GPU-5, a plan that combines the concepts of Measure A and GPU-4 while rejecting development in the Rancho San Juan area.

Several lawsuits are already pending against the county and more are expected to be filed. County counsel said it could be years before this issue is settled in court.

Despite the fact that voters shot it down two years ago and again on Tuesday, the Butterfly Village project, a provision of Measure D, could still move forward.

I think I’m getting a headache.

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2 Responses to “So Why Bother Voting?”

  1. Jeff D Says:

    I tend to vote “no” on any proposition I don’t understand, and most that I do! Complex issues need to be resolved by experts and our elected representatives – they are not suitable for direct democracy. Much bad law has been made by propositions. Our remedy when we dislike what our represntatives are doing is to vote them out of office.

  2. Bum Says:

    As usual, I agree with Jeff…being trumpet players and all. However, I have time to read measures and propositions and make sense of the legalese. The county in which I reside has a lawsuit filed against it by former governor moonbeam because of our county plan.

    When are folks going to realize that we don’t have the power to affect the climate and enviroment? Not in any way. Los Angeles was known as ‘valley of the smokes’ in Native American times, for Goodness’ sake!

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