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Soapsuds In Lizard Land

June 12, 2007

Firefly is still too young for mere humans to determine her gender… but as I keep saying, Geico seems to know something I don’t. After last night’s performance, just try and tell me he doesn’t know when there’s a girl in the room!

Firefly was ensconced in the critter keeper with her crickets, picking them off one by one, while Geico (who ate his share of crickets earlier, from a different container) lounged in his usual spot atop the monitor, on the far right side.

Firefly appeared to be finished eating, so I picked her up in my left hand. Now mind you, she was at least two feet from Geico, and down near keyboard level.

He took a sprint from the right to the left side of the monitor and then assumed the position:

Then he started crawling down the side of the monitor. I moved my hand that was holding Firefly–and his eyes followed. The two were still at least 18 inches apart.

Have you ever seen quite such a glint in a gecko’s eye? I moved Firefly to the far right and he adjusted his course to match.

Meanwhile, Firefly did a little “number two” on my finger, so I put her back in the critter keeper, and went to wash my hands with soap and water. When I came back, Geico was the most eager he has ever been to crawl into my hand. He climbed all the way down from the monitor stand, onto the keyboard, and up onto my hand. I guess he was still looking for the girl. At least he didn’t bite me this time or try to hump my finger. And that was exactly why I washed my hands.

Poor guy. If Firefly really is a girl… he doesn’t get to get lucky with her for at least another year!

Patience, my boy. Patience.