Without Adult Supervision…

… I can get into real trouble.

Trouble came in the form of a lizard.

Yes, another lizard.

They had four baby crested geckos at Petco, and the largest–and feistiest–of the four came home with me.

This little darling is just a tiny bit bigger than Firefly. I have not yet thought up an appropriate name. Maybe Prozac or Valium, since s/he is incredibly skittish. Amazingly, I got him/her onto the scale long enough to register 4.1 grams.

The other three were much smaller. The guy at the store thought they might be about 3 weeks old. One was a pretty dull drab brown, another looked a lot like Firefly, and the third was similar to the one I bought, but had a terrible shed problem, with bits of shed all stuck to its toes. I told the guy that little one needed a good soaking. I hope he heeds my advice, because the poor little thing could lose some toes otherwise.

I see some tiny little tongue-marks in the serving of gecko-goo I offered, so it looks like s/he did eat a little overnight. The best evidence that they are eating, however, comes in the form of finding tiny little turds littering the cage.

So the gecko soap opera shall continue, with a new character added to the cast.


2 Responses to “Without Adult Supervision…”

  1. Samantha Says:

    “incredibly skittish”

    Sounds like a Simon or a Wash;-)

  2. CrankyBeach Says:

    Heh… Actually, have considered going with an entire Firefly theme here, renaming Geico Wash because he wears such a loud shirt, and he’s kind of laconic…. But I don’t know if the new one is male or female. If female, River would be perfect for the skittishness, or Inara for the exotic factor. Right now I’m thinking “Frogzilla” because the little thing jumps a lot more and a lot further than the other two! Then again, if male, the new one could be Wash because his/her shirt is even louder than Geico’s. But then what would I rename Geico?

    Decisions, decisions. 🙂

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