This Is For You, Jeff…

… do you still think my baby is creepy looking???

How, I axe, could anyone not just fall in love with that sweet little face?

And such a beautiful smile….

Okay, so it’s not really a smile. But what about those little knees and elbows? And let’s not forget those adorable little padded toes!

Oh, you want to know which one it is? It’s Firefly. The new one (nickname: The Spook) gets too freaked out to have her picture taken. Poor little fraidy-lizard.


3 Responses to “This Is For You, Jeff…”

  1. Jeff D Says:


  2. Bum Says:

    Jeff…have you read the ‘Dark Tower’ series?

    Beach..six toes is just , well, wrong. If Firefly is smiling, it’s because s/he sees you as potential food. “MMMm…Beach burgers!” thought bubble

  3. CrankyBeach Says:

    She doesn’t have six toes! The toes are wide, padded, and have a tiny little claw down the middle. Five to a foot. I should know… I especially counted them!

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