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Unconditional Love

June 10, 2007

Nothing like a little unconditional puppy love to get you all misty-eyed.

I stopped by my sister’s yesterday and saw Star (the little dog) for the first time since we went down to L.A. for Uncle Gordon’s funeral.

I thought she was going to damage herself when she figured out the visitor was me.

She was just about to be taken out for walkies–so my sister took her out while I took the opportunity to greet Cricket the cat. (Star gets very, very jealous when other critters have attention paid to them.)

When they got back, my sister told me Star had tripped and fallen several times coming up the stairs, she was in such a big hurry to get back, so she could wiggle herself silly on my lap and wash my face and hands with her little pink tongue. The poor little fuzzball howled her dismay and disappointment to the high heavens when I left.

You just don’t get that from a lizard.

Then again, you don’t have to take the lizards out for walkies, and the neighbors don’t complain when they howl.


Mighty Slayer Of Crickets

June 8, 2007

Once again I’ve been calling the wrong lizard “Fatso.” Sorry, Geico.

Firefly slurped down 6 or 7 crickets. I lost count.

And after that huge meal, she gained a whopping two-tenths of a gram, so now she’s tipping the scales at 2.7 grams.

How Rude!

June 7, 2007

So I’m up at 4:30 in the morning working because I can’t sleep. Geico is wide awake ’cause he’s nocturnal. So I bring him in with me for company.

And then he has the nerve to get indignant with me when I wipe his bum off with a tissue.

Nice going, big fella.

The Lizard Soap Opera Continues

June 5, 2007

Remember Geico the child molester? Of course you do.

This evening I had both lizards out, but not close together. I didn’t want poor lil’ Firefly to get hurt. She crawled around on my fingers for a while. Then I set her up on top of the monitor, where Geico usually sits. (Geico had crawled down and was exploring the keyboard at the time.) I reached for him with the same hand that had been holding Firefly. He wheezed and squeaked, crawled right into my hand (not his normal pattern; he’s usually coy) and then bit my finger! Not hard enough to even leave a mark–but really!

I did some reading on the lizard bulletin board that I frequent, and learned that in all likelihood, Geico smelled a female and thought he was going to get lucky. With my finger.

And I suppose the next time Geico sits up there, he’ll try to get lucky with the monitor.

Yet more indication that little Firefly may just turn out to be a girl. Unless there is such a thing as a gay gecko. Which would be another whole soap opera.

New Blog Find…

June 3, 2007

… go check out The Purple Avenger.

More Trip Pictures

June 3, 2007

Y’all know me and my wildflowers… First, the ones I know:

Red Ribbons

Yellow Mariposa Lily

Now this one has been problematic. As best I’ve been able to determine over the years, it is some sort of flax. But all the online sources I have consulted claim that it is not found in either Monterey or Sonoma county–and those are the two places I have seen and photographed it. Go figure. Anybody out there know what it REALLY is?

Now to the ones I haven’t been able to identify:

This little darling grows at Foothill Regional Park (and probably other places too). Anyone know what it is?

I found this one growing by the side of the road near the coast:

And then there was this one growing right next to it. The flowers are about the size of pinheads.

Finally… at the risk of blowing out the bandwidth walls again… who could resist a madrone shaped like a candelabra? This was growing at Foothill Regional Park.