Was talking the other day with an acquaintance who has a daughter in her early 20s.

The youngster recently started a new job, so she has no health insurance. But she does have some ongoing medical problems, and was complaining that she’d had to go off her medication, presumably because she doesn’t have insurance.

I said why on earth doesn’t she get a doctor to write her a new prescription and just go buy the stuff. Seems she doesn’t really have a regular doctor. I said for cryin’ out loud go to an Urgent Care or some such and GET a doctor, and get a prescription! She’s working double shifts some days so she certainly should be able to pay for it.

But somehow the thought of just going out and getting what she needs, without waiting for an employer to insure her, never even crossed her radar screen. Medical care, you see, is something somebody else is supposed to pay for. Right? (Did I mention the kid is a Democrat?)

Or maybe that new $300 pair of jeans (the 27 pairs already in her closet not being enough) was more important than stable health. I don’t know. Oh, and let’s not forget the new $400 cell phone. Or the drawer full of underwear that cost over $20 apiece but each one has less fabric in it than the average shoelace. What’s up with that??

Kids. Sigh. I am so glad I never had ’em.


3 Responses to “Entitlement”

  1. Jeff D Says:


    Entitlement indeed.

  2. Samantha Says:

    For the record, not all 20-somethings have this entitlement attitude. I am 24 years old, and I work darn hard for what I got, and I don’t expect anyone to give me anything. Young people like the girl you described embarrass the rest of us hard-working young people who know not depend on others for our survival and understand everything is about choices. I have my parents to thank for teaching me the importance of self-reliance. Too bad some parents out there, propagate co-dependence.

    End RANT!

  3. Bum Says:

    Rest assured, dear Beach, that the above ranting (and quite correct) Samantha is not MY Samantha. Mine is just 21 and still in school at the Beach. I have raised a good conservative woman. I am only surprised by your suprise. You live, after all, in the Commie capitol of the U.S.- central California on the coast.
    Unfortunately, My Sam also has too many jeans and too many underpants the size of a band aid. Shoes…don’t get me started.

    BTW, just got back from one of my kids’ wedding in Vegas. He was a sax player graduated in 98 or 99. We stayed in Primm…a very nice place and a great value!

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