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I Am Woman, Hear Me Whimper

August 24, 2007

I just wrestled a 60 pound TV out of the back seat of my car, carried it up the stairs–and heaved it up on top of the dresser.

Scratched the top of the dresser doing it, too, but at this point, I really could give a rat’s rear end.

And I am quite sure that every single muscle I own will HURT tomorrow after that workout.

Husbands did have their uses, from time to time. I will concede that point.


Not My Week For Equipment

August 24, 2007

I wasn’t even going to mention the zorched computer monitor because it’s almost too embarrassing. (Geico took a large whiz and it leaked down inside.) Then Staples delivered easel pads instead of a new monitor, so that took an extra day. Meanwhile, I was making do with the laptop for working, and having great fun trying to transfer files to it from the desktop ‘pooter with the zorched monitor. But now I’m back up and running with a fresh new monitor, and there will be no more monitor-basking lizards in this house. Too expensive.

Then yesterday the digital dictation files for one of my docs started sounding funny so I had to work on fixing that, because they sounded so bad I could not transcribe them. The solution was to convert them from WMF to WAV files, but it took a while to figure that out.

And then this afternoon my bedroom TV-VCR combo decided it was a good day to die. At first I had sound and no picture–and the sound came in two speeds. Very soft, and very loud. I turned it off and on a few times, and then I got a picture–but it wasn’t in color. Halfway through The O’Reilly Factor (with guest host Michelle Malkin) the picture went away and the sound got very, very loud. Since the thing was 11 years old and had to be repaired several times already, I decided I’ve had enough. So I’m off to Circuit City in a few to pick up the new TV-DVD player combo I just ordered online. (No, Geico did not sit on top of the TV–but Cricket the cat did when she was living here. She, however, is litter-box-trained.)

And Sunday morning my car gets its 20,000 mile routine service. Knock on wood that it will indeed be just routine.

TGIF, eh? Here’s hoping next week will be less expensive!