A Day In The Life

There’s still neighborliness out there. I went to carry the old TV downstairs to my car. My next door neighbor–a professor of Arabic at the DLI–saw me through his dining room window and signaled for me to wait. As soon as he buttoned his shirt, he came out and carried the TV down the stairs for me. Very kind of him. I thanked him profusely and called him my hero.

The Goodwill does not take TVs, but the Salvation Army does.

And on the way to the Goodwill, I saw the sign for the new Bad Ass Coffee location, with the banner “Coming soon!” I’d been wondering where it was going to be located. Now I know. For anyone interested… it’s on Fremont, just north Burger King, in the same center as the Breakfast Club and Hollywood Video.

In fact, there will be several new choices of coffee shop/meeting places for this year’s upcoming National Novel Writing Month. Last year we wound up meeting mostly at a member’s apartment because all our former haunts were either too crowded, too noisy, or had serious lack of parking. This year there will be at least four new places available to us, including Bad Ass Coffee, a new Peet’s that may open in time, a new 24-hour Safeway with a Starbucks inside, and a newish cafe owned by the guy that started a couple of other coffee houses in town. All four of those will have ample parking. A veritable embarrassment of caffeinated riches. Hoo-rah! Bring it on!

The new lizard is settling in just fine. I know she’s eating, because she pooped overnight. And she may not be a she (I got a closer look at her underside, and there’s some doubt). If she turns out to be a he, his name will be Malcolm Reynolds. But then I’ll have to find him a new Inara…. I think I figured out one of the reasons I like crested geckos so much. They remind me of frogs. No, really. They have big eyes, velvety soft skin (but not damp and slimy), padded toes, and they jump. Besides… if you look them head-on at just the right angle, there’s even a facial resemblance:

See? Except for the crests, doesn’t he look a bit froggish? Of course, the geckos have longer bodies, shorter tongues, much shorter back legs, and a tail, so there’s not that much of a resemblance… but still. And the geckos stick out their tongues to taste the hand that’s holding them. It’s so cute. And let’s not forget the eyeball-licking.

On another topic entirely… will the Democrats in Congress be satisfied now that they’ve run Alberto Gonzales out of town on a rail? Anyone think so?




3 Responses to “A Day In The Life”

  1. Jeff D Says:

    Re: another topic entirely:

    (sounds of crickets chirping…)

  2. Bum Says:

    I’m with Jeff on this one. Except for one point of order…why don’t you simply get frogs?

    And no, they don’t look like the frogs I’ve seen. (Do remember that I am a zoo ond museum nut.)

  3. bum Says:

    By the way, a former student of mine, neighbor and classmate of Sam’s is studying Korean at DLI right now. Sam visited and had dinner with him last week. he’s in the Chair Force. His dad is on the city council of 29. Great family. (Both my mom and dad went to the DLI in the early 60’s in prepararion to his posting as Military Attache to Poland.)(my mom was volun-told to learn there as well.)

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