Be Careful…

… how you place your bumper stickers.

I didn’t have the camera, so I can’t prove it… but the car in front of me just now had two stickers on the rear window. The one on the left read “Obama ’08.” To its immediate right: “He’s not MY president!”

Interesting message. Somehow I don’t think they meant it the way it comes out.


2 Responses to “Be Careful…”

  1. Samantha Says:

    Haha.. The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways..:-P

  2. Aakash Says:

    Does your cell phone have a camera? I got a new one, shortly before we went to Washington, D.C., and it’s memory has been full for awhile, with photos and videos… also from the Iowa Straw Poll. I really need to get some of those uploaded, and put onto Facebook, and the web. (Though considering how bad my laptop has become, I fear that that may not even work…)

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