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How Not To Commit Identify Theft

November 20, 2008

A couple of weeks ago, I got a phone call from the security division of my credit card company.

Last time they called me, it was to check and make sure I was really the one who had put in a charge for a Moody Blues concert ticket. (Of course I was. You had to ask??)

This time, apparently my credit card had gone to France and other places without me. Which is a bloody good trick considering the card has not left my possession. In fact, I am looking at it right now. Really. Honest.

I told the fraud investigator which charges were valid, and which were not. He then confirmed that I had not, indeed, made purchases from such-and-such a company.

The light went on. The mysterious packages arriving in the mail were explained.

Memo to all you identity thieves. If you steal a credit card number and use it to order a bunch of ::ahem:: enhancement “vitamins” (enhancement for body parts I do not have, I might add), make sure you contact the credit card company and have the address changed, so the “products” do not show up at the home of the credit card’s rightful owner, instead of whatever rat-hole you are hiding in.

The bank of course canceled the credit card, and opened a fraud investigation. I will not be charged for the “vitamins.”

Anybody out there want to try this stuff? Free of charge. Meet me down on the corner by Bad Ass Coffee and I’ll hand it over. ::snort:: But those of you who live outside the area… you’re out of luck, ’cause I’m not paying to ship it!


Read The Constitution. Please.

November 14, 2008

Today’s letters to the editor page includes one from a woefully-uneducated pinhead. He suggests that George W. Bush should do the “right thing” and just leave office right now, and don’t make Obama wait another 2 months and change to take office. We’re done with Bush, and our anointed messiah needs to get busy and lead us all into hopeandchange right this minute, if not before. Or words to that effect.

Umm… we have this thing we call the United States Constitution.

If President Bush left office in any fashion at all before January 20, Vice President Dick (gasp) Cheney would become president–and would appoint a new vice-president to fill out the term. So there’s no way Obama could legally step into the office before the constitutionally-appointed time.

Go read the thing. It’s actually pretty short; won’t take you that long.

Points For Creativity, Anyway…

November 12, 2008

I’m sure he’s not the first guy to try this approach with his cardboard sign on the corner, but he was the first one I saw, and he made me laugh. His sign said:


No, I didn’t get a picture. Didn’t have the camera with me; and besides, the light was green, so I was moving.

My First Bonus!

November 10, 2008

Just an off-hand remark on a medical transcription message board, and thereby I have “referred” a new employee to my new job. And I am eligible for a referral bonus. Of course, there are restrictions, as in, I don’t actually get the bonus until they are quite, quite certain the new employee is actually going to work out… but hey, not bad for my first month on the job, eh?

Over-Reaching According To Whom?

November 6, 2008

Various TV pundits more or less pooh-poohed the idea of a Republican revolution in 2010, a la 1994, after Clinton was first elected. These pundits explain that Clinton “over-reached” in his first 2 years, tried to change too many things too quickly, and the people, the great unwashed, rebelled. They suggest that Obama is smart enough to learn from this; and thus, no one should count their Republican revolution in 2010 before it is hatched.

This got me wondering. The evidence points overwhelmingly to Obama being so far to the left, any hopechanges he might attempt could look perfectly reasonable and centrist to him and his minions; but those of us who lean anywhere in the center-right spectrum could still find that he is over-reaching.

Make sense?

Who Are These People Anyway?

November 4, 2008

The ones who have spent ALL FREAKING DAY down on the corner, bouncing up and down with 4 x 8 foot Obama/Biden signs, chanting and shouting? (With, alas, many honking horns from the passing traffic?)

Don’t they have JOBS? Or school to go to?

Oh, nevermind. My bad. They must be those folks Obama is going to give my 401k to after he confiscates it. You know, the ones who won’t have to worry about paying their mortgage or putting gas in their car, ’cause they helped him get elected, you know.


In other news… in 45 minutes or so I will go pick up the pizza and head over to Ith’s, where we will either celebrate or cry in our beer. And then we will get up and go to work tomorrow morning, as usual, because SOMEBODY has to work and pay the taxes to support those corner-warmers.