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How Not To Commit Identify Theft

November 20, 2008

A couple of weeks ago, I got a phone call from the security division of my credit card company.

Last time they called me, it was to check and make sure I was really the one who had put in a charge for a Moody Blues concert ticket. (Of course I was. You had to ask??)

This time, apparently my credit card had gone to France and other places without me. Which is a bloody good trick considering the card has not left my possession. In fact, I am looking at it right now. Really. Honest.

I told the fraud investigator which charges were valid, and which were not. He then confirmed that I had not, indeed, made purchases from such-and-such a company.

The light went on. The mysterious packages arriving in the mail were explained.

Memo to all you identity thieves. If you steal a credit card number and use it to order a bunch of ::ahem:: enhancement “vitamins” (enhancement for body parts I do not have, I might add), make sure you contact the credit card company and have the address changed, so the “products” do not show up at the home of the credit card’s rightful owner, instead of whatever rat-hole you are hiding in.

The bank of course canceled the credit card, and opened a fraud investigation. I will not be charged for the “vitamins.”

Anybody out there want to try this stuff? Free of charge. Meet me down on the corner by Bad Ass Coffee and I’ll hand it over. ::snort:: But those of you who live outside the area… you’re out of luck, ’cause I’m not paying to ship it!