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Real Soon Now

January 26, 2009

The blog move, that is. Watch this space for the announcement.

For the moment, this site will remain in place as-is, but will be inactive, i.e. no new entries, and all comments will be closed. Once I activate the new blog, all new business will take place over there.


Watch This Space For An Important Announcement.

December 30, 2008

If I have it correctly, shortly after the first of the year, my blog-mom extraordinaire Ith will be reorganizing things a bit around here… and my blog will be moving to a new home.

When I’ve had the occasional moment to breathe, I’ve done some work on creating the new site, and figuring out how I’m going to transfer the blog over to it. Apparently, I will be able to transfer all the old blog entries, but the comments will not come along for the ride.

As soon as I am ready to make the transfer and go live with the new blog, I will post an announcement here; and Ith will shortly thereafter blow away this site and post a redirect message. But never fear; you will be able to find me after the move. Trust me on that. Honestly. Really.

But if for some reason you anticipate not being able to find me… just be sure and jot down my e-mail address (that would be crankybeach at yahoo dot com) and drop me a line. Put something like “I can’t find your new blog!” in the subject line so I’ll be sure to notice it and not flush it down the spam filter.

Edited to add: Yes, I intend to update the blogroll and get rid of all the obsolete entries… but Blogrolling has been futzed up for a couple of months now, and until they get back online, there is no way to edit the blogroll without blowing it away and manually recoding it; and I axe ya, in just what copious spare time am I supposed to do THAT??

Call Off The Posse

April 11, 2008

No, I haven’t been kidnapped by aliens.

I’ve just been working CRAZY hours, trying to get caught up with everything. Plus, one of our doctors just had her baby, so I needed to get all of her dictation caught up so when the other docs see her patients, they’ll have all of her notes.

I’m not writing about politics because I am in total political fatigue–and it’s only April. Many, many moons to go before they all SHUT UP.

Other than that… I’ve been watching an online “flame war” unfold with utter fascination. No, I’m not telling where it is or what it’s about. But it has spilled across three bulletin boards and e-mail lists, and it’s like watching a multi-car pile-up on a foggy freeway, in some ways. I have not publicly taken sides… but let’s just say it’s not too hard to see who’s been drinking the nastyjuice for breakfast, and I have no time for nasty people.

In other news… long story a whole lot shorter, I actually won tickets to see (can you guess) the Moody Blues–in Nashville. So I’m using my frequent flyer miles to get there, and Kerry is flying in to meet me. We’re meeting up with some other fans there, and should have a jolly good time. Kerry likes the Moody Blues but has never been to one of their concerts. She is for a treat.

And for any of you Moody fans who are watching… a few more pretty pictures. Enjoy!

Attention, Spammers.

February 1, 2008

You did not fool me with the spoofed IP address on your lengthy and highly offensive comment, which I have deleted. You cannot hide your real origins from the CrankyBeach, who is after all the Queen of all geekdom ™. You have been reported to your ISP, and I hope they shut you down. And then kick your asteroids all the way to the Kuiper belt. Bare nekkid with hobnailed boots.

For those who didn’t see it… the comment was over 5000 words long, contained many, many misspelled words, made no sense, and included 21 instances of the F-word alone.

Who has enough time on their hands to sit down and write garbage like this–much less to disseminate it and try to hide its origins? Geeez.

Perhaps Sunny will do something about this kind of thing if she is elected President.

Announcement From The Management

December 18, 2007

I threw my back out this morning by the mere act of bending over the sink while brushing my teeth. It is now sheer agony to sit at the computer–and do just about anything else, for that matter. So there will be very little blogging until it stops hurting.

(Bum, I can hear you asking how this is different from normal. My answer to you? Put a sock in it.)

There. How was THAT for pre-empting the inevitable comments?? ::evil grin::

National Novel Writing Month

November 15, 2007

I am participating in NaNoWriMo for the third year in a row

And right now I am 29,000 words into it, without even a hint of a plot rearing its head.

I am just wondering whether I can cough up 21,000 more words, and whether somewhere, somehow, I will acquire a plot.

Just in case y’all were wondering where I was. I’m writing a novel. Or trying to. If it’s not a novel, it’s a gawsh-awful long writing exercise.

For The New Readers On The Block…

October 26, 2007

… or anyone else who wants to know, for that matter.

Coffee? Because I am a shameless self-admitted addict thereof, and thoroughly enjoy poking fun at all the silly news stories on the subject.

On dragon’s wing? Because Ith, my blog mom and gracious hostess whose domain hosts her blog, my blog and a couple of others, chose that name some years ago. It actually has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that my blog has been rather lizard-heavy over the last several months.

Lizards posing in fountains? Just because that’s where she landed and she was so cute sitting there. She didn’t stay long. I was lucky to grab the camera in time.

Other than that… this blog is my own personal editorial page on the world as I see it. Any and all topics are fair game here–but only if they actually interest me enough that I feel like commenting on them, and even more so if I can have some fun along the way. If you want to know more… head for the monthly archive pages and start reading. Welcome to my little corner of cyberspace. And enjoy yourself!


October 15, 2007

Faithful reader and frequent commenter Bum has suggested that I am violating my own blog standards by blogging about Bad Ass Coffee, and asks why it is not Bad Pinkytoe Coffee.

Besides the fact that ass is a perfectly good synonym for donkey (it’s even in the Bible. Look it up), Bad Ass Coffee is named for the hard-working donkeys that used to haul the coffee beans on the plantations in Hawaii. Look it up.

Pinkytoe, on the other hand, refers to the human posterior. So there is no such thing as Bad Pinkytoe Coffee, unless it’s what comes out of the machine at Bubba’s Gas ‘n’ Gulp, in which case I really do not want to look too closely into its origins. And neither should you.

Okay, Okay…

August 3, 2007

… reader and old boyfriend Bum is whining about the lack of bloggage recently.

For those of you who heard about the big accident on 68 involving a Lexus the other day… it wasn’t me.

Lizards are all fine and dandy.

And I wonder when my body is going to figure out that I am no longer writing it IOUs. This ends the third week I have not had to go into the office, have worked strictly at home, and have not had to get up and be someplace at a particular time in over (gasp) 30 years.

Still, my body demands a nap almost every single day.

Oh, and if you’ve been trying to call me at work… that phone line now goes nowhere, and I don’t go there anymore either. So cross that number out of your address book. It’s irrelevant.

After describing the chaos at the office, my writing mentor asked me week before last if I had ever considered writing a murder mystery set in a doctor’s office. My first response was to say it’d have to be a series, because there are far, far too many worthy candidates to be the murder victim.

What A Difference A Bot Ban Makes

July 1, 2007

You regular readers might remember that around the end of May, my blog fell down a black hole for a couple of days. Seems some nasty bots had gotten in, put some unauthorized files on my site, and blown out the bandwidth walls. Total bandwidth used in that month was 1112.28 megabytes.

I deleted those files as soon as I knew about them, and a week or two into June, I figured out how to basically ban all bots. My June bandwidth came to 643.83 megs. Before the bots got in, my TOTAL for the last 5 months of 2006 was around 1800 megs.

It’ll be interesting to see if my monthly averages go down to what they were pre-bots in July, which will be the first completely bot-free month in quite a while.