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Who Are These People Anyway?

November 4, 2008

The ones who have spent ALL FREAKING DAY down on the corner, bouncing up and down with 4 x 8 foot Obama/Biden signs, chanting and shouting? (With, alas, many honking horns from the passing traffic?)

Don’t they have JOBS? Or school to go to?

Oh, nevermind. My bad. They must be those folks Obama is going to give my 401k to after he confiscates it. You know, the ones who won’t have to worry about paying their mortgage or putting gas in their car, ’cause they helped him get elected, you know.


In other news… in 45 minutes or so I will go pick up the pizza and head over to Ith’s, where we will either celebrate or cry in our beer. And then we will get up and go to work tomorrow morning, as usual, because SOMEBODY has to work and pay the taxes to support those corner-warmers.


Does This Mean Those Commercials Are Over Now?

February 5, 2008

If I’d had to watch the Hildabeast or Obamaramalamading-dang on my TV one more time, somebody was going to get hurt. Thank heaven we now have a break….

Ever since November 2004, the church ladies at my polling place have been serving cookies and coffee. That election day, the line went clear across the parking lot, and it was nearly an hour wait.

Today, there was no line… but they still served cookies. Nice church ladies.

Because of all the hoo-ha about electronic voting… my county has gone back to paper ballots. And not even the old punch ballots. These ballots were sort of a fill-in-the-arrow-with-the-pen thing. Returns will be late and slow in coming. But at least there will be no arguments about chads or hacked voting machines. (I wonder if those pens in the booths had eraseable ink…?)

I held my nose and voted, and then voted “no” on all the propositions.

Then I went to the dentist, and while he stabbed me with the novocaine needle, he told me he had voted 2 weeks ago by mail, and somehow he was not at surprised when I listed some of the candidates on my ballot.

Oddly enough… I find Republicans almost everywhere I go in this town. So how come we can’t field a candidate who will stay in town long enough to run against our congress-critter, that moron who has never even held a real job?

History Repeats Itself?

May 5, 2005

This morning on the radio I heard that in the British elections, exit polling indicated a Tory upset of Tony Blair’s Labour party.

Now we learn that Labour has won.

Last November 2, early exit polling indicated that John Kerry would win in a landslide.

We all know what happened after that.

I will leave it to my astute readers to do the math on the reliability of exit polling.

A Great Day!

January 30, 2005

A great big CrankyBeach salute to the people of Iraq, who voted today, in possibly greater numbers (percentage-wise) than have been seen in any national election in United States history. Will anyone dare say now that people in that region can’t grasp democracy? I’m waiting….

And a great big CrankyBeach raspberry to all those nattering nay-sayers who said it couldn’t be done!

And a great big “shame on you” to all those ungrateful whiners in our country who didn’t want to stand in line to vote on November 2. At least nobody was threatening to blow YOU up if you dared go exercise your right.

And another even bigger “shame on you” to all those who live here and DON’T bother to vote. Take a look at those brave Iraqis, and then hide your face in shame. And don’t EVER let me hear you complaining about what goes on in this country! You have no right. CrankyBeach hath spoken.

Inside Information

November 4, 2004

I have friends here in California, a couple whose son works right in the White House. (They shall remain anonymous, unless they choose to out themselves in the comments here.)

Tuesday night at 10:30 California time, “Son” called, having just gotten home in Washington. “Mom” had gone to bed earlier, in the interests of keeping her eyes covered and her fingers in her ears, so to speak, because the false news reports (i.e. the alleged exit polls) were just too depressing, so “Dad” was watching the results by himself.

“Son” gave a fascinating insider account of the mood inside the White House, from depressed to giddy. The President actually canceled some planned campaign stops in Ohio, and they kept getting word that his arrival time back in Washington had been pushed back several times, getting earlier and earlier. Since it looked like Kerry was going to win with a landslide, there just didn’t seem to be any point in making those last few stops.

And then the REAL election returns started coming in. Needless to say, the mood changed!

I did not hear whether “Son” spent any of the time in the presence of the President, or whether he was just with fellow staffers.

Fun when you know people who know people in high places. 🙂

About Bloody Time

November 3, 2004

The AP is reporting that Kerry has called Bush to concede.

Time to turn on the TV and see what’s going on. More later.

DAG’s update

November 3, 2004

DAG has weighed in again. For those who missed it, here is his official prediction from Halloween:

Bush will win with 322 electoral votes and a popular vote victory of 3 plus million.

Bush will win with 51.5%. Kerry with 47.5.

And here is his Wednesday morning commentary:

Just for the record, I am forwarding an email I sent on Halloween to one of my political contacts. Speaks for itself. I missed on the EV because I believed NJ, Penn and Wisconsin would go for Bush. Close, but no cigar.

When did I really know Bush would best Kerry? In August, when I saw Kerry throw out the 1st pitch @ a Red Sox game. He bounced it to the plate! Compare this to the Bush 1st pitch @ Yankee Stadium after 9/11. Arnold had a term for this. America loves a strong leader. Kerry fell short.

Next clue? Fahrenheit 9/11. Michael Moore activated the ardent and only the ardent dems—that is it. It did not resonate with main stream America. I saw the file. Pure blather and a big lie.

Thank God for flyover country. Think about it. Bush wins by 3.5 million votes after spotting Kerry 2 million votes in CA and NY! Moreover, Bush withstood absolutely every piece of BS tossed at him by the print and TV establishment. Goodbye NY times, as far as political influence. Pubs also pick up seats in the House and Senate

Who is your daddy now?

It was a fun night for common sense.

Next comes the blather about Hillary.

What I wouldn’t give for just one hour on the radio today….

How about that. I am one of DAG’s “political contacts.”

Now if John Effing Kery would just admit that it’s over, we could all get on with our lives.

Nothing Else Matters

November 2, 2004

This entry will stay at the top of the page until the polls close in Hawaii. Read it, e-mail all your “undecided” friends and tell them to read it, and then scroll down for the other stuff.

While huffing and puffing on the torture-me machine at the gym, trying not to watch the televisions, because I’m in news overload (will somebody please just medicate me until it’s over?) into the corner of my eye intruded something about yet another poll. The question had to do with what issues people felt most strongly about going to the polls–i.e. national security, health care, the economy, etc.

AP Photo / Chao Soi Cheong – downloaded from

In a perfect world, we could worry all day long about health care and the economy. A CrankyBeach Clue-BatTM upside the head to those economy and health care voters. Get your nose out of your navel and think of something bigger for a change. If national security fails, there will be no economy or healthcare to worry about!

Ask the people who had to choose between fire and a long death drop what matters more. Ask the people who sacrificed their lives aboard Flight 93 and thus saved the White House or the Capitol. Ask any of the 3000 souls who departed this earth that day.

And then go vote your conscience.


November 2, 2004

… just spoke to someone I know very well (will not mention who, to protect the guilty). This person just did a lot of graphic reading on partial birth abortion, and is now having “buyer’s remorse” over having voted for John “all abortion, all the time” Kerry, who had the unmitigated gall to go to Mass this morning, after having taken plenty of donation money from the top partial birth abortion purveyors in the country.

Now this person could not have held her nose hard enough to vote for Bush either… but she regrets voting for Kerry. A little late… but better late than never, we hope, in anticipation of a Bush victory tonight…

Un. Freaking. Believable.

November 2, 2004

After having driven past the polling place twice, with the parking lot jammed both times, I finally headed over to vote at about 2:45. The lot was still jammed, so I just parked at home and walked over.

45 minutes I waited in line.

That is a first, in 22 years of voting at this polling place. Everyone in line was saying the same thing, that we’ve never seen it like this. Usually, we’re right in and right back out again.

When we got up near the door, we discovered the church ladies had baked cookies and put them out. Nice!

Nobody in the line mentioned a party affiliation or a voting preference… but the guy behind was telling the other guy about a friend who had been on unemployment for 2 years, being very picky about what job he would take, because the government had made it possible. “It wasn’t a safety net anymore,” he said, “it was a hammock.” He also said, what do you want to bet, no matter who wins, all of a sudden, there will be amazingly good news out of Iraq?

Sound like a Republican to you? 🙂

And when it was all over, my ballot had chocolate chip cookie crumbs on it. I hope that doesn’t invalidate it.