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Generation Gap

September 10, 2006

Back in my day (gee, that makes me feel old, rather like Ith) we used to talk about a generation gap. The one between us and our parents. We bragged about it. They simply did not get it, and we, of course, were the cool people.

My sister called me the other night, worried about some stuff she’d seen posted on As most of you know, practically everybody under 30 has a myspace page, and the way they talk to their friends on their pages is quite an eye-opener.

Seems an alleged “friend” of my niece Jennifer’s boyfriend Jason (the hairdresser) was posting “information” to the effect that Jason, shall we say, played for both teams, and had in fact played for a season with the “friend’s” team.

I tried to reassure my sister that you can’t believe a thing you read on the internet (except what you read here on this blog, every word is true, honest) and it was probably somebody’s idea of a sick joke.

As it turned out, I was right. Seems Jason had “done something” to this “friend’s” computer, and the “friend” was retaliating by posting a bunch of rumors. Neither Jennifer nor Jason was the least bit bothered by it, and Jennifer told her mother that everybody in their age group talks to each other that way.

Generation gap. As I said. Neither my sister nor I thought it was the least bit funny, or appropriate. But what do we know? We’re just a couple of square old fogeys!


Mystery Solved

June 9, 2005

The question has finally been answered.

She’s marrying the slimy-looking guy.

I only know ’cause somebody handed me an invitation to her engagement party, and I asked what the fiance looks like.

But then again… maybe that means the cute guy is still on the loose……

Ith’s been trying to marry off Ninjababe. I wonder if we can find the cute guy and get him interested.

Filthy Minds

March 2, 2005

One co-worker just suggested we take a look at another worker’s lunch, laid out on her desk.

Two little tangerines, strategically placed next to a large banana.

No further discussion needed.

There She Goes

December 23, 2004

Our young friend in Texas is about to become our young friend in Florida.

Yep… Sarahk the T-shirt babe is relocating, to be closer to Mr. Wonderful’s snuggles and kisses.

We wish you both all the very best… but let me hereby serve notice. If Mr. Wonderful ever turns into Mr. Not Quite, be assured that the entire blogosphere, led by the Monterey Bay Clue SquadTM (that would be Ith, Nin, Eclectra and CrankyBeach) will rise up en masse and administer an attitude adjustment on Mr. He-Better-Be-Watching-His-Back the likes of which has never been seen! (Never piss off a Ninjababe. You have been warned.)

That is, if Bikermommy and Spidade don’t beat us to it. 😉

You Know You’ve Arrived…

December 3, 2004

… when somebody parodies your blog, complete with fake blod-ads and everything.

Aside from being completely amazed at the sheer amount of time some people have on their hands, not to mention putting out the monetary resources to register the fake domain name, the parody blog is actually pretty funny. The writers duplicate actual entries from Sarah’s real blog and then add things to them….

For instance, after Sarah’s mother dropped her glasses down the loo, the parody folks included a Photoshopped image of a cat in scuba gear, claiming to have sent said feline down to fetch the lost specs.

And then there’s the scheduled smackdown-showdown Battle of the Babes between Sarah and Risawn, another blonde gun-toting blogger.


Say… I wonder if Sarah’s mother was blogging when she lost her glasses???