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This Really Annoys Me

July 31, 2006


Now we all love a good gossip, and we’ve all done it… but the Bible is very clear about the topic. As in, don’t.

Picture this. Christian lady #1 tells Christian lady #2 that Christian lady #3 told a hard luck story and borrowed money from her, and then went shopping for clothes.

First of all, #1 never should have mentioned it to #2. That’s gossip. #2 promptly compounded the problem by telling it all to me, asking if #3 had ever borrowed money from me, and what a rotten thing to do, because after all, #3 inherited that pile of money so why should she be borrowing. More gossip.

I bit my tongue and said I didn’t know anything about it.

I lied. I actually do know something about it… which is that the “pile of money” happens to be invested. It’s not sitting there in the cookie jar waiting to be spent. Sometimes there are dividends–and sometimes there are not, especially when the market has gone down, as it has from time to time. I also know that when #3 is having a cash flow problem (when there are no dividends) she uses what cash she can raise to do things like, oh, pay the taxes or insurance, or have the washing machine fixed, or put gas in the car so she can go to work. She most often raises such cash, when she has to, by selling off an asset or two, but that’s like eating your seed corn, and she really, really hates to do it. I do not know the facts but I assume she borrowed money because she didn’t want to sell any assets at that moment. Whether she made good on the loan in a timely fashion or not is a matter between her and the lender–not a matter to be whined about to one of the biggest gossips in the church.

It was all I could do to nip this when it got to me, and not jump in and try to defend #3, because I really do not know ALL of the facts, and spouting off when you don’t know all of the facts is the same as bearing false witness. God thought strongly enough about that one that he put it in the 10 commandments.

As I said… this really annoys me.


Cover Your Eyes

July 12, 2005

Remember the senior dress code? Fashion sins those of us “over a certain age” simply should not commit?

Well… another friend sent along a picture of a blatant violation. It’s in the extended entry. Click… but swallow your beverage first. You have been warned.


I Don’t Want To Know

January 25, 2005

The lizards were having, um, intestinal distress, so Jennifer found a lizard vet who advised her to get, um, fresh samples for testing. Usually, when she puts them in warm water, they will produce, um, samples, but this time they did not, so she took them to the vet, where they underwent indignities I do not even want to imagine. Turns out they have hookworms, probably acquired from the pet store where she originally got them, many months ago.

Now she has to do extreme cleansing and sanitizing of their terrariums.

Ah, the joys of being a lizard mommy.


November 17, 2004

This Friday is World Toilet Day.

They just HAD to pick my birthday, didn’t they.

Now what do I say to my mother when she tells me to get my mind out of the toilet? That I can’t help it? That I have the sanction of the World Toilet Organization? That it’s to be expected for someone who as a toddler couldn’t pronounce her L’s, and called an Edsel a “toyet seat car?”

Who thinks these things up, anyway? I can just see it. “What do you want to be when you grow up, Johnny?” “I want to join the World Toilet Organization!”

::shaking head::


October 27, 2004

Via Right Thinking Girl comes the lose-your-lunch picture of the day. Warning: Do not look if you have a weak stomach!


Ministry of Silly Walks

October 20, 2004

Thanks to Aaron for an apt comparison.

The Worst One Yet

October 19, 2004

Juliette has posted a link to a picture that looks like an evil alien from a bad sci-fi show.

And check out the kids in the background. They cannot believe what they are seeing. Neither can I. And consider this–the kids can’t even see his face! Are we sure this picture hasn’t been Photoshopped?

Yet Another Photo…

October 18, 2004

that I do not want explained to me.

What is it with these sports photo-ops on the tarmac, anyway?

And It Gets Worse

October 12, 2004

Right Thinking Girl has posted a photo that I really do not want explained to me.

Just When You Think You’ve Seen Everything…

October 4, 2004

… they re-define “everything.”

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this.