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But Seriously, Folks

May 19, 2005

Really. I just got a call from my co-worker, who is also my sister. Our beloved boss has collapsed in his office. They found him unconscious. The other doctor in the practice is working on him, they started an IV and ran STAT blood work. Somebody said something about an infection and possibility of endocarditis, but we don’t know anything more than that just yet. Updates when available.

Heavy-duty prayers would be very much appreciated. Thanks, folks.

Update: He’s okay. His beta blocker dose was out of whack. (Physician, heal thyself!) He has a full schedule of patients tomorrow, and plans to work.

Thanks for all the prayers.



Spread This Far And Wide

October 22, 2004

Just found out the producers of “Stolen Honor” are offering the documentary for FREE viewing online.

Here is the link. And here is the site where the link comes from.

I have not watched it yet, because it’s getting late (for me, anyway), my eyes are at half mast, and my computer tells me I need to download and install an upgraded version of Windows Media Player.

According to the UPI story in the Washington Times, it sounds like the film’s producer was not happy that Sinclair Broadcasting caved to threats and is only going to show excerpts. It should also be noted that Sinclair stations only reach about a quarter of the country.

Producer Carlton Sherwood said “Stolen Honor” would be available on the Internet Monday and would also be available for screening or broadcasting.

“I want to be sure that every American who wants to see this film is allowed to do so,” he said in a news release. “Therefore, I am offering the film publicly to anyone who wants to see it.

“In addition, any media entity brave enough to air ‘Stolen Honor’ can contact us for a license to air the film, provided the entity will air the film in its entirety, and so too any individual who wants to show or broadcast it.”

Go forth and view.

(Hat tip: The Rottweiler)