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What If…

September 20, 2007

… had been around 65 years ago?

General Eisenhower or General Lies and Power?

Hat tip: Samantha


I Didn’t Know Anyone Died

August 15, 2007

Went into one of my offices today, and a lady I’ve known for nearly 30 years asked if she had shown me the latest pictures. I said I couldn’t honestly remember, so she got out her big envelope, saying these were the last pictures taken before “he” had died.

Well… not knowing anybody had died, I played dumb. The photos were beautiful professional studio pictures, some in black and white, of her son, his wife, and their 3-month old baby boy. She said she was glad he’d been talked into the shoot, even though he hadn’t wanted to spend the money.

Then she showed me pictures of the gravesite, and things she said indicated that it was her son who had died, not the grandson. Then she mentioned how her daughter-in-law hadn’t been able to send any newer pictures of “the little guy” because she was busy moving, because everything in the old place reminded her of S.

I gave J. a one-armed hug, told her they were wonderful pictures, and thanked her for sharing them with me.

As soon as I got home I Googled her son’s name–and learned that indeed he had been killed in a non-combat-related accident, in the line of duty (he was in the Army, overseas, engaged in counter-terrorism efforts). He was killed the weekend before I left town last month, and the obituary was in the local paper while I was gone. So I missed the whole thing. And by the time J. and I next saw each other, it was all over, and she probably assumed someone had told me while she was gone for the funeral.

Godspeed, S. Thank you for your service.

And I will never forget the day you and your mom and I went to the all-day Star Trek movie marathon (“Sit Long and Prosper”) on the 25th anniversary (9-7-91), in anticipation of the release of the sixth movie.

(Confidential to Bum and Jeff. No, this was not a person you guys would have known. I worked years ago with his mother.)


September 10, 2006

In a little over an hour, I will sit down to watch the highly-controversial “Path to 9/11” on ABC. You know, the miniseries over which the Democrats in Congress have threatened to have ABC’s broadcast license revoked.

Reminds me of the old adage, when you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yelps is the one that got hit. Methinks the Dems and the Clintonites doth protest too much.

Speaking of 9/11, here’s something I wonder about. Who, exactly, were the people who told the folks in the south tower who had headed for the low ground when the north tower was hit that the building was secure, and to go back to their offices? What has happened to those people since? If I had been one of them, I’m not sure I would be alive. The guilt of knowing I had sent people back to their deaths might have sent me into a suicidal depression.

Anyone out there have further thoughts on this one?

Coffee Sprayer

July 21, 2006

In the midst of the grim news from around the world, a real good laugh. From today’s headlines at Yahoo! news:

France says U.S. blocking Mideast truce

Do I even need to comment?

Yes, of course I do. No, France, terrorists are blocking the Mideast truce. Get a clue. CrankyBeach hath spoken.

Blast From The Past, Israeli Style

July 20, 2006

Because of the sobering news coming out of Israel, I wondered whatever happened to the Israeli guide from my long-ago tour of that country. And thanks to Google–I turned up an e-mail address for him.

He wrote back to say no, he doesn’t remember me, because he never guided a “goofy 24 year old girl” in his life, and that was so long ago, HE was probably the goofy one!

Heh. Is he just being funny, or does he really not remember? Most likely the latter, seeing as how professional Israeli tour guides, especially the ones with long-term seniority, would have guided literally thousands of tourists over the years.

I told him to stay safe and keep his head down. But his message suggested he is in good spirits, and he lives in Jerusalem, so he is not geographically close to the current active war zone(s). Although, one could make the case that the entire country is a perpetual war zone, considering that Israel’s enemies use terrorist tactics and therefore no one is entirely safe. Ever.

Mixed Feelings

September 11, 2005

Tonight, the Discovery Channel presents “The Flight That Fought Back.”

I have mixed feelings about watching it. I do not normally set out to have my emotions wrenched around, and I know that program will twist me up like a bag of pretzels.

I faced a similar dilemma when “The Passion of The Christ” came out. I do not enjoy violent movies. But as a Christian, I felt I could not in good conscience NOT see it. So I did.

As for 9/11, after the way I insisted that we must NOT forget what happened that day in a guest post over at RTG last week, if I am to follow my own advice and be a good American, I will take my medicine and make myself watch the program tonight.

Completely Unscientific Poll

August 13, 2005

I frequent a certain professional bulletin board which also gives space for off-topic discussions.

An ongoing hot-button discussion concerns what President Bush should do, if anything, about Cindy Sheehan, the grieving mother currently camped outside his ranch in Texas.

The commenters run the gamut, from young to old, fire-breathing wild-eyed conservative to flaming bleeding-heart liberal and everything in between, a few ex-military, some military parents and spouses, and the partridge in the pear tree. But so far, everyone who has commented is pretty much in agreement with the following:

This woman lost her son, and that is tragic. Of course she is hurting. Anyone would be. But life goes on. We grieve our losses, we remember, but we move on.

People in the military (and their families) know it’s a risky business going in, so losses, while tragic, are not unexpected. Stop moaning and groaning and bleeding all over the public. It’s inappropriate.

She would like to ask the President some questions. Get in line. So would we all. She has, however, had a privilege most of us never will, in that she has already met with the President once, and he would open up far too many cans of worms if he met with her a second time.

Maybe our reasons for going to war in the first place were questionable, but we need to finish the job before we pull out of Iraq.

This woman is being used by people with an agenda that has nothing to do with her or her tragic loss.

Rather amazing unanimity from such a diverse group of people, eh?

Bear Flag Roundup

July 8, 2005

Wesley has done an extensive roundup of the London terror attacks.

Go forth and read. CrankyBeach hath spoken.

Why Gitmo?

June 17, 2005

That’s easy. This is why.

AP Photo / Chao Soi Cheong – downloaded from

Never forget.

A Point Considered By Few, Apparently

March 8, 2005

A caller on Rush this morning made the the point that if that Italian journalist had indeed been targeted by U.S. troops, she would not be walking around now complaining about it.

The caller was one of the troops who regularly patrolled that very road, and knew the procedures very well.