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The Natives Are Getting Restless

January 15, 2009

For those who ask… no, the new blog is not QUITE up and running yet. I’ve had a few other things going on here, including a credentialing exam that I had to do some last-minute cramming for. But I passed, and having passed is supposed to generate a raise.

I also had to build an entirely different blog for the writers’ group I belong to, and get it up and running in a hurry. For those who care, that can be found here.

And in other news… Ith and Nin are moving to Utah this week. Finally. Not that I saw much of them locally… but at least I knew they were there, just a couple of freeway exits away. Now they’ll be a few states away. Best of luck to them in their new venture. They’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.

And now I have to get back to work. Blogging does not pay the bills.


Points For Creativity, Anyway…

November 12, 2008

I’m sure he’s not the first guy to try this approach with his cardboard sign on the corner, but he was the first one I saw, and he made me laugh. His sign said:


No, I didn’t get a picture. Didn’t have the camera with me; and besides, the light was green, so I was moving.

Oy. What A Job.

January 26, 2008

What with the power outages we had with the big storms a couple of weeks ago, and the promise of more nasty weather to come, I decided it was past time to invest in a battery backup box for the home computer system. At least I’ll be able to shut down the system in a somewhat controlled fashion next time the power goes out. And if it’s just a quick blip, I won’t lose the setting on the electric clock.

Until today, I had an unbelievable amount of equipment plugged into three daisy-chained 6-outlet power strips, with the first one plugged into a surge protector that was plugged into the wall.

Now there are two daisy-chained strips plugged into the UPS, and the entire configuration had to be switched from one end of the room to the other because of distance from the phone jack, not to mention room to park the thing which is as big as a shoe box. That meant crawling under desks with flashlight and screwdriver to unscrew the three-prong adapter from one outlet and screw it into the other.

There are some mighty scary dust bunnies in the nether regions of my under-the-desk corners. But I digress.

While I was at it, I unplugged the modem line from the now-disconnected second phone line jack (seemed a bit of a waste to keep a second phone line when I send maybe one fax a month and I’ve long since abandoned dial-up internet) and reroute it to the remaining land line, via the new UPS/surge protector that includes telephone line protection. And I finally labeled all of the power cables, including the one with the big chunky boxes on the ends. The only one I did not label was the laser printer’s power cable–because it is the sole GRAY cable. All the others are black.

Let’s see. At last count, I have plugged in a desktop computer, laptop computer, monitor, laser printer, tape transcription machine, clock-radio, two external USB hard drives, two 4-port mini hubs, a DSL modem, a wireless router, and a lamp. I think that covers everything. The only thing plugged into a wall outlet all by itself is the shredder.

As soon as I plugged in the UPS, the “your building has faulty wiring” light came on.

I figured I’ve had all the same things (except the battery backup box) plugged into that same wiring all this time, so the building probably is not going to blow up any time soon. Besides, probably every tenant in the place has at least this much stuff plugged in. And let’s not even get started on what’s daisy-chained together in the living room (TV, VCRs, DVD players, audio equipment, lizard lights, lizard fountains and God only knows what else). These old buildings are extremely outlet-deficient. What do they expect us twenty-first century types to do?

The next project, since I freed up the “squid” surge protector box, will be to transfer some of the mess in the living room over to that critter, another job I am not looking forward to.

Ah, the joys of modern life.

Quote Of The Day

January 16, 2008

“I hate grocery shopping! How did I ever get fat?”

–Chooses to remain anonymous

She Probably Won’t Mind…

November 27, 2007

… since she has it posted on her own blog already.

Here are V.’s husband and son (the young sailor I fed and entertained for a while last Friday). “Dad” promised if “son” successfully finished boot camp, he would attend graduation in full uniform. So here they are–the two sailors.

Entertaining Moments…

November 25, 2007

While chatting with the young sailor the other day, I mentioned that it would not surprise me if his mother V., if she lost control of her temper, could very well erupt into some “language.”

Sailor’s reply: “Not so much anymore. But I did learn several words inappropriate for a three-year-old.”

Yep. He’s just as entertaining as his parents are. Look out, world.

Always Wanted To Do That…

November 23, 2007

… pull over to the curb, roll down the window and say, “Hey, sailor!”

No, really. You frequent and long-time readers will remember my dear friend V. from Ohio who came to stay with me about a year and a half ago. Well… her number one son is now 19 years old, in the Navy, and studying Arabic here in town at the Defense Language Institute.

I picked him up at noon, took him to lunch, and then we just drove around doing a little sightseeing, quoting Firefly, Serenity, Harry Potter and Monty Python at each other. I hadn’t seen him in at least 8 years. Back then he was hyperactive and, his mother told me, bored out of his gourd in school. I can see why. The kid is a freaking genius, with a totally photographic memory. His mind moves on planes inaccessible to most people. Hey, I’m not exactly dumb myself, but he left me far, far behind many times as he jumped around in conversation. The interest closest to his heart, he told me, is higher mathematics, but there aren’t too many opportunities in that field in the military, so he’s in Arabic instead. His brain goes at better than warp speed, and probably always has, but now that he’s getting into adulthood, he has found some more interesting ways to channel that energy.

Just one example: Whenever he nearly falls asleep in Arabic classes, his brain conjures up Arabic alphabetic characters hurling Harry Potter-esque curses at each other. Can’t you just picture that?

It will be my job to take him to the airport when he goes home for Christmas in a little under a month, so his mom had given him my phone number. He called me up this morning and asked me if I was bored. I said perhaps I could be persuaded to be bored, what did he have in mind? So we just kind of hung out together all afternoon. Hey, I could have been cleaning house instead.

Just doing my part to support (and feed) the troops.

One Question Answered

October 23, 2007

The landlord had not notified me (a) when the new roof would go on the building or (b) when the new windows will be put in.

Let’s just say, it’s hard to hear what’s coming through the medical transcription headphones when there’s a roof tear-off going on about six feet above your ears.

At least the racket doesn’t seem to have awakened the geckos.

Dyslexia Can Be Fun!

October 12, 2007

Mis-heard on the radio news this morning:

“The city has passed an ordinance that will prohibit downtown lawyering.”

Sounds like a good idea to me!

Too bad what they actually said was “loitering.”



October 8, 2007

Was off at SiliCon for the weekend, and when I got home last night, I found two urgent messages on my answering machine from my landlord.

Of course my fertile imagination immediately jumped to the worst case scenario, as in, when they came in last week to measure the windows (I wasn’t home) they found out about the lizards (the cages are a bit obvious) and were calling to tell me either I or the lizards had to go.

Finally got hold of the landlord just now, and it seems his wife misplaced a set of keys when she was cleaning the newly vacant apartment next door, and wondered if I’d seen them on the walkway. I said no, but I did get home well after dark last night, so wasn’t seeing much of anything.

So me and my little reptilian family shall live another day under this roof. Whew!