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Eeeeeeevil Personified

May 12, 2005

A friend who shall remain unidentified (for obvious reasons) has diversified into the real-estate racket. I asked him a couple of questions about it, and here’s what he said [redacted for obvious reasons]:

Am I making any money? Would I be doing all this travel and work without at least the prospect of making money? Don’t think so. The ***** business is lucrative, but not as challenging as being able to use more of my brain in this effort. I have 2 partners, both of whom live in ****** (one only part-time). One’s a construction manager, one’s a general contractor, and of course, I’m the bean-counter and finance guy. As for how I got into it..just word “on the street” from several people, including my new partners, that this is the right time and the right place to develop/despoil the land/turn forests into highways.

Afterwards, I promise to recycle every day and contribute to Greenpeace. Well… at least the former..



She’s baaaack…

November 7, 2004

Made it home in one piece, more or less, and my luggage too. A big thank-you to Eclectra for keeping my seat warm while I was gone. 🙂

Desktop ‘pooter will not boot up. I knew I shouldn’t have turned it off…. Thank heaven for laptop. But what a pain in the patootie. Means a trip to the computer hospital.

Workshop I attended was wonderful; met many terrific people. More later. I am absolutely FRIED. Must go to bed. Must sleep. zzzzz

Hellraising In Hollister

October 26, 2004

Via Blogs for Bush comes a story of vandalism against Bush signs in, of all places, Hollister.

Where the bleep is Hollister? Well, it’s a small town less than an hour’s drive from me. My high school played against theirs in football (and usually beat them, but that’s beside the point). Most importantly, it’s in California–a state not even in play in the presidential election.

So what would drive Kerry supporters to make such a mess of a Bush sign in a state they own?

Could it be that, at the end of the day, winning California is not going to help their candidate?

We report, you decide.