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Going To Be A Three-Hanky Moment….

December 19, 2008

Just got the word that we ARE having one last office holiday blowout–the old office. One of the nurses is opening her home for a potluck, and my boss and his wife have sent in their acceptance.

Nothing short of unconsciousness or major natural disaster will keep me from that gathering. I shall take the camera–and plenty of tissue.

In other news, I got a nice surprise in the snail-mail yesterday. My new employer sent out a Christmas card, winner of the apparent annual contest in which children of employees design a card, a company recipe book, and a 1-gigabyte thumb drive with the company name on it.

They’re not my old boss, but they are nice people. Very nice people.


This Makes Me Sad.

December 17, 2008

Those who have been paying attention might remember that the last time I checked the online maps with satellite views, this was what I came up with for the office where I used to work:

This shows a view of the vacant lot, and a later view of the office building under construction.

Today, I see this view. That white car is my boss’s Toyota Avalon, all by itself in the upper parking lot, which indicates to me the image was taken on a weekend, when he was working all by himself:

And then there’s the “street view.” Once again, there’s my boss’s car, right in the center–but you can also see that the second building (to the right) is now under construction (I can’t actually remember when they finished it, but it was within the last year). That’s the contractor Danny’s big ol’ truck parked to the right there, and you can see some employee cars in the lower parking lot.

There was such a sense of excitement when we moved into that new building a few years back. And now it stands empty.

Anybody want to rent an office building? I know where there is one available. And I still have a key to it.

My First Bonus!

November 10, 2008

Just an off-hand remark on a medical transcription message board, and thereby I have “referred” a new employee to my new job. And I am eligible for a referral bonus. Of course, there are restrictions, as in, I don’t actually get the bonus until they are quite, quite certain the new employee is actually going to work out… but hey, not bad for my first month on the job, eh?

The New Job

October 15, 2008

First… I am not one to go around hunting for omens, portents or “signs from God” under every rock, but if this doesn’t qualify, I don’t know what does.

Last Friday my new supervisor called me. Long story a whole lot shorter… she used to work for the husband of a woman I met online through some of the most unbelievable circumstances you could imagine. (For those in the know, that woman is also known as Mrs. ex-Perp. The rest of you… don’t sweat it.) No six degrees of separation going on here! And we’re talking about opposite coasts… my new employer is headquartered in North Carolina.

Yesterday was my first full day on the job (and my head is still spinning, but that’s to be expected). You know how “those in the know” talk about how you must be very, very circumspect and professional when using company e-mail? Well… yesterday morning, a whole series of e-mails started popping up, beginning with some concerns surrounding the fact that many of us (a) are new to the company and (b) are working on a brand-new account to boot, so there are some definite issues to iron out. In the midst of this, one woman made a reference to a “crabby old lady.”

Well… y’all know me. I jumped in with “Crabby old lady? Did someone call my name?”

And after that it turned into a free-for-all–in which the supervisors were giving just as much fun to the party as us worker bees. Apparently, and I haven’t learned otherwise yet, the corporate mentality is that we all need a sanity (insanity?) break once in a while, and group laughter (in the form of e-mails, anyway, since we’re all working remotely) is to be encouraged.

And then, this morning, someone wrote in that now she knows why all the QA (quality assurance) people at her last job were grumpy… all of the ones who have a sense of humor work for OUR company!

Meanwhile… I am still getting used to their system, and there are some really, really difficult-to-understand ESL doctors whose dictation I have been unlucky enough to draw. But I cranked out marginally more work today than yesterday, so perhaps I am speeding up just a little. We shall see. I am meeting my first-week daily production quota so far, and hopefully will have sped up enough by week 2 to meet that quota, and so forth. I am still well under the normal production quota, though…. Oh well, this is what the training period is for!

Is it time for my nap yet?

Job-Hunting In the 21st Century

October 4, 2008

I have not mentioned this on the blog until now because I really don’t enjoy bleeding all over the folks who come here hoping for a little entertainment and enlightenment.

But I’ve known since the middle of June, right after I got home from visiting Kerry in Wisconsin (and seeing the Moody Blues in Waukegan) that big changes were coming.

(This has turned into a very long post, so I am putting the rest of it below the fold.)


Dubious Honor

September 7, 2007

Remember the third grader disguised as a grown man I was talking about?

Well… we are actually speaking again, and he recognized himself in my blog posts.

His reaction? Hey, cool! I’m mentioned in a blog!

We report, you decide.


July 16, 2007

It’s Monday morning, I just got back from vacation (national writers’ conference in Dallas), I have plenty of medical transcription work piled up (and will find a week’s worth more when I go in, later, on no set schedule, no punching a clock, hurray!), I have laundry and unpacking to do–and I feel as light and free as a bird.

I might not even be Cranky today.

And if a certain third-grader disguised as a grown man crosses my path, I might not even bite his head off.

Being fired does wonders for the psyche.

Of course, this is only the second time I’ve been fired, so I don’t have a lot to compare it to.

It’s going to be fun, figuring out this new life where I actually have time to have a life. Wow.

Others Do Not Play Well With Me

July 9, 2007

I can now write anything I bloody well please about the office, because I no longer work there.

They have outsourced the billing department so I am no longer a medical biller. And I could not be more thrilled.

I am still, however, an employed medical transcriptionist, so I can keep the geckos fed and watered, and pay off the Lexus.

Suffice it to say, I believe they may come to regret their decision, but you should really ask somebody who actually gives a flying doughnut.


July 5, 2007

I am in an extremely foul mood today, so do not mess with me.

Especially if you are someone who hasn’t figured out that the third-grade playground might be a more appropriate place for your behavior than a professional workplace.

As you were.

Just For The Record…

July 2, 2007

… I was NOT running down the hall screaming about anything.

Although, after the day I had today, I’m starting to wish I actually had done what I’ve been accused of. It might have made me feel better.

Oh, and by the way, if anyone wants to know several ways of completely trashing morale, just e-mail me. I have firsthand knowledge of how it’s done.

As you were.